What I’m Loving Week #20

I have some exciting news to tell you all. Remember that promotion I had applied for? Guess what? I got it! I began my new position this Monday so that is why I have been M.I.A. First off let me tell you how excited I am for this new chapter in my life. I amContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #20”

What I’m Loving Week #17

Hello lovely Monday! Nice to see your smiling face again. Oh and Hello to you too thanks for stopping by again. This past week I have a small list of things I am currently loving. I guess that happens sometimes, you can’t love everything at once. For beauty I have my holy grail staple moisturizerContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #17”

What I am Loving Week #14

This week I kept my favorites very simple it was supposed to be a no fuss week right? First off I dusted off my iPod and added new music to it and it has been my best friend on my commute to work. Redbox deserves a shout out for letting me be lazy and payContinue reading “What I am Loving Week #14”

What I’m Loving Week #13

Happy Monday Everyone! I have a good feeling about this week. I feel like it will be a good one. No particular reason I just feel like we all deserve an “easy” week. Here are some of my favorite things this week. First off I am trying out these three new products. I needed aContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #13”

What I’m loving Week #12

Welcome back lovely people! This past week was a bit of a blur but in a good way. I was super excited for a day trip I was going on Saturday that I felt things just flew by. So here is what I have been loving this past week. Three very odd things picture togetherContinue reading “What I’m loving Week #12”

What I’m Loving Week #6

Welcome back to another what I’m loving weekly post. This week I have some awesome things that I have been loving. First off lets can I just say that last week was crazy and I needed more sleep than what I actually got. About a week ago I found my old Polaroid camera and itContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #6”

What I am loving Week #2

Welcome back to what I am loving week #2. I have been having fun picking out things that I am absolutely loving each week. I enjoy sharing a few things that make each week feel special. This week I have a few new things that I am dying to tell you about. I finally gotContinue reading “What I am loving Week #2”