2 yrs. on WordPress and Walking Pneumonia

Happy Monday Everyone! Today’s post is going to be a short one if you haven’t guessed from the title I have walking pneumonia. Don’t ask me how I got it and how I managed to work a full work week while feeling like crap, beats me. I have been pretty much bedridden since I cameContinue reading “2 yrs. on WordPress and Walking Pneumonia”

My Weekend Recap – Sat. 20th, 2013

This weekend my family and I headed to Maryland to visit some relatives. We left at 5:15 am to arrive there a little bit before 8am. The day was a peaceful reminder of how important family is. Take a look at some of the pictures I was so lucky to capture. The day was beautiful.Continue reading “My Weekend Recap – Sat. 20th, 2013”