Austin, TX


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you some pictures from my Austin trip that I took at the beginning of December. I have one other blog post about my adventures and I  will be posting it next week. It was such a wonderful 3-day trip and I absolutely loved it.






I absolutely loved the whole vibe this city has and the unique restaurants and shops it has.

Have you ever been to Texas? What was your favorite restaurant/shop?

Have a great day!



48 HR Vacation: The View


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a few photos that I took while on my trip to South Carolina. I had a blast and I was so sad to leave, but I am feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my last year of grad school. I will most likely have one more post later on next week about Parasailing and that will conclude the beach posts.







The view was incredible and I can’t wait to go back at some point! Hopefully you enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Have a great weekend!


48 HR Vacation: My Toiletries


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am heading out on a short 48hr vacation to North Carolina to dip my toes in the beach. Luckily my schedule allowed for a short time away from home to re-energize. I wanted to share with you what I am bringing along. Expect some blog post on my short trip next week. In the mean time enjoy what I brought along with me in terms of toiletries.


What I packed:

-Boscia Green Tea Mask

-Rosewater in a spray bottle

-OFF! Deep Woods Bug Spray Repellent


-EO Hand Sanitizer in Lavender

-Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes

-EOS Shave Cream

-Shampoo & Conditioner  in reusable containers

-Clean On Up Body Wash in Vanilla

-Venus Travel Razor





Don’t worry I will have all of my regular posts up all this week.

Have a great day!


London Haul: Boots and Superdrug pt.1


Happy Wednesday!
As a beauty enthusiast I always tend to buy more make up than souvenirs. That held true when we visited London. London is home of a few stores/brands I am not able to get my hands on back in the States. I happily share with you what I have purchased. Spoiler alert: I will be doing a giveaway on my blog in a couple of weeks! Stay tune for that.

First things first you can’t come to the UK and not buy Soap and Glory products that’s just not how it works. Let me rephrase that you have to go to a BOOTS!

IMG_9738 2


-Glad Hair Day Shampoo
-Glad Hair Day Conditioner
-Hand Dream Super Cream
-One Heck of a Blot Powder
-Smooch Operator Lip Balm
-Hand Maid Antibacterial Gel

I then discovered the Barry M. section and I picked out a few things I had researched about. Luckily right next to it I found the bourjouis section and managed to snag one thing everyone talks about.


-Nail Paint by Barry M in Spring Green
-Nail Paint by Barry M in Berry
-Nail Paint by Barry M in Ruby Glitter
-Nail Paint by Barry M in Cappucino
-Nail Paint by Barry M in Black
-Nail Paint by Barry M in Sour Apple
-Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in Red Sunrise
-Bourjois Bronzing Powder in Medium

Last but not least I did a quick pit stop at Superdrug and got my hands on two Sleek products I have been eyeing for a while.

IMG_9732 2
– Sleek i-Divine au naturel Palette
– Sleek Blush in Flushed

I hope you all enjoyed this part one of three London Hauls I have for you all. Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday and I’ll see you on Friday.


Being Sick on Vacation- London


Happy Monday!
A little more than half way through my trip I ended up getting sick. I caught a really bad cold that started out as a sore throat and progressed from there. I guess the temperature change from Italy to France and then to London, and let’s not forget all of the germs on the plane/bus got the best of me. I had one healthy day in London and it was one that I took for granted not knowing what I had in store the next day.



I stayed 3/4 of my second day in London in bed with my computer and my bowl of cereal as my only companions. I begged my friend to leave the apartment and enjoy the sights without me so she wouldn’t waste a good day. I would later be joining her for a theater performance called Flashmob at the Peacock theater on Portugal street. Flashmob ended up being AMAZING and I am so glad that I got a chance to experience it.


As you can see I decided to fight hard with meds, juice and a few shots of whiskey. Did you know they don’t have Vicks Nyquil in the U.K?! That is why I had to combine all of the things picture above to have a fighting chance at my sickness. Don’t worry I have lots more exciting post on London coming soon. I figured I would get that sick post out-of-the-way.

See you on Wednesday!

Gondola Ride in Venice, Italy


One of the things on my bucket list for this vacation was to ride on a Gondola in Venice. Well we made that happen after much searching and it was one of the loveliest times we had while on vacation. Krista and I decided to dress up for the occasion and we are so glad we did. It was an amazing way to end our stay in Venice.










After the Gondola ride we had dinner at this awesome outside restaurant that was extremely difficult to find, but very much worth us running around Venice for. It was a great end to our last night in Venice and made us realize how much we had enjoyed ourselves and how lucky we were to be experiencing this together.





Hope you all enjoyed see you on Friday!

Venice, Italy


Happy Monday Everyone!

As promised I will continue with my travel post. This post is going to be all about Venice and I am beyond excited to share some of the pictures I took. Venice is a beautiful seaside paradise that I could have stayed forever in.


I knew one of the highlights of this trip was going to be Venice, but I never knew that it would be a place that changed the whole way I perceived this vacation. There is something so relaxing about being in a place so unique and so culturally stimulating that puts life into perspective.







We spent the majority of our time in Italy was spent in Venice and it was just beautiful! We even went to the beach and that’s a whole another story for a later time because crushing it in to this post would be a crime. Just looking at these pictures I am taken back to the smell of sea water, speeding boats, calm narrow canals and delicious gelato that was always refreshing.

Stay tune for Wednesday Gondola ride post!
See you soon.