New Makeup I’ve Acquired


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you some makeup that I have acquired that I will be trying out over the next couple of weeks. I purchased some new products from Fenty Beauty, Bite beauty, Sleek Makeup and Urban Decay.




Stay tune for reviews on these products. I am excited to see how well they compare to some of the products I already use.

Let me know what reviews you would want to see first? 

Have a great Day and I will see you on Wednesday!



UD Naked Heat Palette


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a new love in my life. The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. I am absolutely in love with all of the colors. This palette has me so ready for Fall! I will be creating a few eye makeup looks with this bad boy, but I had to share how beautiful it is. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Is this palette worth buying? The colors this palette brings together aren’t anything new. You can probably find many similar shades in your makeup collection. The beauty of this palette is that they are all together and the pigmentation is solid. If you aren’t a fan of orange toned shades this isn’t the palette for you. A few of these colors tend to look very similar once on my eye lid, but I’m okay with that because I would never pair them together in one eye look. I think you should at least swatch this and then decide.





Do you own this palette? If so, what are your thoughts?

Have a great day and I will see you tomorrow!


Review: Urban Decay De-Slick


When it comes to dealing with an oily skin complexion we all know that there are a million of products that claim to help or reduce your oil all together. When I was younger I feel for all of those products. Now that I have had time to research and test out products I know that there will never be a product that completely matifies your skin all day (If you have such a product PLEASE DO SHARE!!!).

Over the years I have tried a handful of products that I though would work with my skin. Here are the only two products that seem to make me feel a little bit less oily throughout the day. Urban Decay teamed up with Skindinavia to create this De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray.

A few months back I found out they also came out with this Mattifying Gel that is supposed to act just like the setting spray. Sadly I think this is being discontinued because it is no longer on the UD website.


I only use the Mattifying Gel for special occasions since I realized that it is no longer being made. This stuff is very interesting it feel like a primer but you can see the oil on your face disappear. It is like nothing I have ever tried before. I have used it under my foundation and you can use it for touch ups on top of your foundation without it looking like you have 100+ products on your face. I use about a nickel size and it does the job.


The one product I use everyday is the setting spray it has worked wonders during these hot days. At first I was using this product wrong. I only applied it once before I applied my moisturizer. This is fine but to get the most out of the product you must use it twice. Once after your toner or before moisturizer and after you have applied foundation for best results.

Overall these two products aren’t miracle workers but they will keep you from blotting as often as you were. That is all I can really ask from oil control products now a days the delusion of getting rid of my oil is gone and I try to embrace it.

Have you ever tried UD De-Slick?
Any good oil controlling products I don’t know about?


What I’m Loving Week #19

It’s good to be back and even though this post is late I feel like it is long over due.

I recently applied for a promotion and was getting mentally prepared for all that comes with more responsibility (If i were to get the job!). I wanted to focus this post only on beauty products I have found some amazing things in my collection I had forgotten about.


Some of these products have been neglected but that is about to change I am ready to make these staples in my beauty routine for a while.


The first product is my Urban Decay De-slick XL. I have used this on and off for a while but I think I have finally figured out how to properly use it and get the most out of this spray. The second product is the Coola spf 30 face classic sunscreen cucumber moisturizer. This is fairly new about 2 months but I can’t believe I lived so long without this. I hate applying sunscreen it’s an extra step I always would forget. Not anymore I have found this two-in-one product and it is making applying sunscreen so much easier.


The last three things are oldies but goodies. I have recently started picking up my NYC bronzer in sunny. I swear this is one of those products that I have had for a good year or so but can always be counted on to do the job. The second thing is this E.L.F blush in tickled pink I have had this about as long as I have had the bronzer and I just started using it. This is one of my favorite blushes because it’s a color that works for every day. Last but not least is my L’Oreal palette in Landscape. This eyeshadow palette is one of the things I forgot about and I absolutely love.

Have you recently discovered any product that you had that was hiding in your collection?

Have a great Thursday!


My Makeup Bag


As I sat here making traveling plans to see my friend in Colorado I realized I had no idea what I would try to pack in my make up bag. I immediately made a list and this is what I came up with.


Let’s start off with my face: Urband Decay De-slick is a must since I have extremely oily skin. My Revlon Colorstay foundation in combo to oily skin. Benefit’s Erase Paste this little pot has been with me for over a year and it still works like a charm best concealer I have used in a long time.


The rest of the face: My moisturizer from Eucerin is something I can’t travel without because of eczema. Revlon nearly naked powder to keep everything sealed in. My go to palette as of lately the Urban Decay Naked Basics a simple neutral eye look friendly for travel. My travel size mascara from LANCOME: DEFINICILS this gives me natural longer lashes appropriate for any occasion. My burt’s bees chapstick I can’t go anywhere without this.


For lips: I want to imagine that I would be content with two lip products. I choose my color whispers in Rose of Attraction and Flower shine on lip gloss in Pretty-in-Petunia.

I also am aware that you can’t take anything over 3 ounces in your carry on. Some of the things I am taking will have to be made travel friendly.

Have you ever traveled what was your experience like?
See you on Friday yes you heard that right a FRIDAY POST!

Urban Decay Nail Polishes

As many of you have already figured out by my other post on this blog I am a nail polish junkie.
Yes! I own way more nail polish than what a normal female should ever have in her possession.
Today I bring you a review on my latest addition to my nail polish family.

Urban Decay has a nail polish line? What… I know they are very well know for their beauty products, but never thought they would have nail polishes.


This cute little set is called Showboat nail kit.

You receive six beautiful shades. Four of them are perfect for this upcoming spring and summer. The other two perfect to expand your basic’s collection.


Currently on my nails I am rocking Woodstock and I must say this is an electric Barbie pink that screams “LOOK AT ME”.

I have tried out Covet and Fishnet and I have a fairly good idea how these polishes fold up.

The final verdict: The pigmentation is great if you apply a thick 1st coat you could leave it at that. I recommend two decent coats for the color to shine through. They dry a little bit faster than any of the other brands I have used but nothing to jump up and down for. The wear on these aren’t as good as I was hoping. I could get maybe four full days* without chipping, and that included with O.P.I’s base coat and Sally Hansens Fast Drying Top Coat on before and after applying these nail polishes. Overall if you like bright colors and don’t mind having to change your nail color every four days these are the polishes for you.

*During this trial period I washed dishes by hand. I cooked and cleaned and did everything I would normally do. I also have a bad habit of tapping my fingers on a hard surfaces when I’m nervous.


The application: The brush is a fairly small brush (These are mini polish bottles) great to get into every corner and side of your nail. The formula is not streaky. The colors are opaque enough for one coat of you layer it thick on the first round.One thing I can say is that if you aren’t the best at painting your nails you can end up with a few streaks and parts of your nails with less color. Nothing a second steady coat won’t fix :).

Here is the link if you want to buy them yourself they are currently $12 on Sale.,default,pd.html?start=11&cgid=9999&prefn1=isOnSale&prefv1=true

Have a great Friday,

What I’m Loving Week #4

Welcome to another start of a fabulous week. If we all keep saying that it sure it must come true, right?
Well here are a few things that I have been loving this week. Enjoy!


This past week was a really good one. Here is a glimpse at a small part of why it was really good.


First off I finally found a pair of green pants. YES! I will not be getting pinched for Saint Patrick’s Day. Now all I have to do is to remember to wear them. The next thing I want to talk about is how long my hair has gotten man am I shocked. Part of the reason why I feel like it has gotten this long is because I am taking extra care of it. I have been using this deep conditioner for the last 6 months. Can you say cheap and and amazing product. Where has this been all my life?
One word Urban Decay Naked Palette 2. This is a staple in my daily routine to achieve a effortless yet wearable look.


How could I have gone this long without mentioning some type of chocolate? Well it’s never to late to say that this week I am hopelessly in love with these Ghiradelli Squares the milk and caramel ones Yumm! If you have never tried these DO IT! they are incredible 🙂

The last two things have been staple products in my life for the last two weeks. Philosophy’s Take a deep breath oil free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer. Man that is a mouth full. This moisturizer has been so good with my skin type: Oily and eczema prone. I am looking into buying a full size of this product.
The last thing is my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. If you apply this to your lids and then add Buck to your crease from the original naked palette you have a simple yet beautiful day appropriate look.

What has made your last week a great one? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?

I hope you all have a great week!
See you on Wednesday.