Meet Minerva aka “Minnie”

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything on my little blog. I have to apologize life has yet again taken me for a roller coaster of a ride and I was not prepared for the impact it was going to make. I am back yet again and ready to wrap up this year with some *crosses fingers* amazing content. I feel inspired once again and as my semeter wraps up I will have more free time to dedicate to my blog.

So enough small talk let’s jump into the main reason why I am writting this blog post! My roomate adopted a cat and my life has never been the same. If anyone knows me in real life you all can testify that I have never been a cat lover. I didn’t dislike cats, but I never jumped out of my way to befriend one. I was more of a dog lover and that all changed in October.


*We could help but put her in a santa hat even if it only lasted for 2 minutes*

“Minnie” is a playful yet, gentle soul. She has the most quizitive gaze and enjoys her head being rubbed. She loves to stare out of our balcony window and hear all of the differnt sounds that come from outside of our apartment door.

We have officially had Minnie for a whole moth and she is one of the best things that has come into our world. Hey! Not too many exciting things happen when you are in graduate school.

Are you a cat or dog person? Any tips or tricks on how to live with a cat?

Have a great day, I will see you all on Friday.



& Just like that everything changed.


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

This month is a very hectic month for me. I am starting to feel the stress of moving out and getting everything under control as best as I can. I have so many more things I have to do and yet not enough time to do them. I am still trying to balance my life while packing away everything I will need for this new chapter of my life.

Change has never been something I enjoy! As a little kid we moved twice and I had to start over and make new friends in two different occasions. Once we settled in VA I decide I wanted to stay for a while until I had no other option than to move. in comes furthering my education and BAM I’m moving 2.25 hours away into a big city that scares me.

I just wanted to share a few thought that have been going through my head recently and of course I always like to look at the bright side so here are a few things I have been loving!


Iced Coffee


This cute dog


Some beauty bits


Target Sandals

Normally I post three times a week and I will start scaling that down to two post a week due to all of the transitions I am doing. So instead of seeing you on Friday I will see you on Monday!

Have a great rest of your week and I will see you next Monday!


A Mini Update & Dealing with Change


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Sorry I have been M.I.A this week let’s just say I have been focusing all my energy on grad school things and getting ready for my mini vacation this Friday. I want to focus this post specifically on talking about change and how I personally deal with it.

I enjoy the idea of change and all the possibility that comes with it. I am starting to realize I don’t like actually changing (or in my case moving/starting a new phase of life). I have set down roots and have had the privilege of getting to know some amazing people over the years and I won’t lie to you all I am going to miss my little community.

As I begin to slowly transition my thinking away from what I will be “loosing” (which is really hard) I will start to think of all of the potential possibility that comes with leaving everything you know and love behind. I’m currently somewhere in the middle of both of these stages, but as the summer goes by I will be ready the new adventure I will be embarking on.


I promise more fun post are on there way, but thank you for stopping by and letting me vent out my thoughts.

How do you deal with change? Any tips or advise?

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday!


Update: Organizing, Job & More SNOW!

Happy Monday Everyone!
I feel like I need to explain where I have been and why I haven’t been posting lately.
February was one of those crazy months at work. With the snow everything gets shifted and we end up having to rearrange so many things, it got a lot more hectic than normal. Speaking of snow, what is up with this weather? Today is another snow day, and it does not look like it is stopping anytime soon :(. Spring where are you?! Please come quick!


I have finally purchased all of the pieces of furniture that I wanted to revamp my room. I am very excited about having all white furniture it will go very well with pretty much everything. I still have so much to do, but at least I don’t have to worry about furniture. Here are some glimpses of what I have been working on.



Overall it has been a successful month. I am looking forward to March I have a couple of exciting things scheduled and hopefully I will be blogging more. *fingers crossed*

Enjoy your Monday!