48 HR Vacation: My Toiletries


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am heading out on a short 48hr vacation to North Carolina to dip my toes in the beach. Luckily my schedule allowed for a short time away from home to re-energize. I wanted to share with you what I am bringing along. Expect some blog post on my short trip next week. In the mean time enjoy what I brought along with me in terms of toiletries.


What I packed:

-Boscia Green Tea Mask

-Rosewater in a spray bottle

-OFF! Deep Woods Bug Spray Repellent


-EO Hand Sanitizer in Lavender

-Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes

-EOS Shave Cream

-Shampoo & Conditioner  in reusable containers

-Clean On Up Body Wash in Vanilla

-Venus Travel Razor





Don’t worry I will have all of my regular posts up all this week.

Have a great day!



Soap and Glory: Clean Get Away Set


I hadn’t picked up any beauty/makeup sets in a while, but as I am gearing up towards traveling I decide to pick up some mini sets that I could use while in France. The first one is this Soap and Glory set called the Clean Get Away. You can find it at any Sephora store or online here for $20.


Here are the content of this particular kit:

Glad Hair Day – Shampoo 50ml 1.69 FL. Oz.
This is described as a ultra-shine daily super shampoo. After a couple of two uses I can say that it smells amazing and it lathers pretty nicely, but I don’t see anything amazing that has been done to my hair. I think it’s a nice luxurious treat for my hair but not something I want to repurchase over and over again. You can find some cheaper and nice smelling shampoos at the your local drugstore.

Hand Food -Cream 50ml 1.69Fl. Oz.
This is described as a non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow. I absolutely love this stuff I own a full size bottle and I am so excited to have one to take on my trip with me! This is the only hand cream I have found that completely soaks up in your skin and doesn’t leave you with a oily residue.

Clean On Me- Shower Gel 75ml 2.5Fl. Oz.
This is decried as a creamy clarifying shower gel. This is another one of my favorite “treat” products. I love the way it smells and how it lathers up on a luffa. This is a bit pricy and not a daily necessity for me, but I love that I can treat myself to a nice treat while traveling.

The Righteous Butter- Body Butter 50ml 1.69Fl. Oz.
This is described for very dry skin. It has a new dynamic moisture trap matrix that helps hold hydration in. This is a much thicker version of what I am use to. I loved the previous thinner formula this one is super thick which can be hard to blend into the skin. The amazing Soap and Glory smell is still there but I wouldn’t repurchase this new formula for every day use.

Are you a fan of the Soap and Glory products? Do you have a favorite?

Have an awesome Monday!