Affordable Jewelry Haul


Happy Monday Everyone! 

Today I am sharing with a few pieces of jewelry that I recently purchased. As you all know I try and stick to a budget when it comes to the new jewelry I add to my collection. I already own plenty of expensive statement pieces and I don’t need to add any more of those to my collection. But let’s be honest trends come and go and you may gravitate towards a particular trend this season, but not want to spend to much on it since it will be temporary most likely.

I realized that Walmart has some amazing trendy affordable pieces that I couldn’t pass up. I would suggest you go personally to your Walmart and see what they carry, if you can’t here is the link to all of their fashion necklaces.






Can you believe that the necklace sets were $10, the first necklace was only $5, and the last pair of earrings were $3. I am in love with these new additions. They will come in handy for wedding and birthday season.

Where is your favorite place to buy affordable jewelry? 

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday.

Stay chic!



Summer to Fall: Favorite Products


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you some of my favorite summer into fall favorite products. These are products that I absolutely love that I used at the end of the summer and I am now using during the Fall time.


My Favorites:

Bath and Body Works – Pumpkin Cupcake Hand Cream

Bath and Body Works – Golden Autumn Day Hand Sanitizer

NYX Lingerie in Ruffle Trim

Francesca’s Sunglasses

Thrifted Earrings



IMG_9491I love that we are getting closer and closer to crisp weather and for the fact that it’s acceptable to wear dark bold lips. I am excited to switch everything to darker tones and store all my summer clothes away.

I hope you all are enjoying my October series and that you come back tomorrow for another blog post.

 What are your favorite summer into fall items? 

Have a great day!


48 HR Vacation: The View


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a few photos that I took while on my trip to South Carolina. I had a blast and I was so sad to leave, but I am feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my last year of grad school. I will most likely have one more post later on next week about Parasailing and that will conclude the beach posts.







The view was incredible and I can’t wait to go back at some point! Hopefully you enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

Have a great weekend!


Thru My Eyes #3


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a couple of photos that I mainly took with the exception of one that one of my family members took of me when I went to a birthday party this past weekend.  I hope you enjoy.




This pretty much sums up my weekend. I worked on future blog post and then I crossed over to Maryland for a birthday party that happened to have been Barcelona themed. As you can see I didn’t get that memo.

Have a great day!




Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I wanted to have a nice little chat with you all. I feel like this summer has been so hectic and I have been on the go and uninspired recently. This past weekend I finally took out my camera and captured what was in front of me as I was put on my makeup and putting together the final piece in my new room.

Here are a few pictured that I captured that made me fall in love with taking pictures and my little corner of the internet. I hope you like them as much as I do.

I plan on going full force on my blogging and I am even considering doing M-F posts in August. That’s how committed I am to revamp my blog and bring you all fresh content.



IMG_9747Sneak Peek of a blog post that is coming sometime next week!  

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!


June Favotites 2016


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my favorite products for the month of June. I know I’m a bit late but I didn’t want to skip sharing with you some of the things I had been loving last month.


I don’t have that many exciting things to share but I had to share the new earrings I picked up and I figured this would be the best way to do so.


I picked these bad boys up at Nordstrom Rack and they are from Bauble Bar. They were 50% off the regular price that Bauble Bar sold them for and I figured I couldn’t pass that up.


I stuck to my same old makeup routine but added a new lip balm to my routine since my air conditioner keeps drying out my lips. I am still madly in love with the e.l.f illuminating eye cream it’s just a super hydrating eye cream and super affordable.


I was feeling the nude nail trend this month and my go to for that is Essie’s All eyes on nudes from their cashmere matte collection.


Last but not least I tried to keep my eye shadow very minimal and for that I love using the Wet n Wild shade in Nutty. It’s absolutely beautiful and creates a beautiful depth on my eyes that I can’t resist.

What were some of your June favorites? Any new products you would recommend?

Have a great day!


Sephora Haul


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Holiday Weekend for those of you all that are in the U.S.A. I had a great time relaxing and spending time with family something I really needed. I know I haven’t posted a haul in a little bit and wanted to share with you a few things I picked up from Sephora the other day.


I had my eye on a few of the trial sets that had come out and I wanted to try them out and review them for the blog so this is the small damage I ended up doing this past weekend.





Let me know if you want me to review any of the products I purchased.

I hope you have a amazing day!