Soap and Glory: Clean Get Away Set

I hadn’t picked up any beauty/makeup sets in a while, but as I am gearing up towards traveling I decide to pick up some mini sets that I could use while in France. The first one is this Soap and Glory set called the Clean Get Away. You can find it at any Sephora storeContinue reading “Soap and Glory: Clean Get Away Set”

What I’m Loving Week #27

This past week was super busy. Work has gotten busier and I have more paperwork that still needs to be done. In recap this week was stressful. Thank god for a good book and some of my favorite beauty essentials. Let’s see what I have been enjoying this past week. I finally got my handsContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #27”

What I’m Loving Week #22

This week was absolutely wonderful. I was able to celebrate another set of birthdays in my family. Both my dad and my brother had birthdays this past week. This meant present shopping and lots of good food and lets not forget the cake! Here are some of my favorite things for this week. I gotContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #22”