Snow Storm Thor & some of my favorite bits and bobs.

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a great Friday and that you are keeping warm if you were hit by the snow storm Thor. I was going to post my regular scheduled post but I felt it didn’t really fit my life currently so I wanted to sit here this morning and tellContinue reading “Snow Storm Thor & some of my favorite bits and bobs.”


Update: Organizing, Job & More SNOW!

Happy Monday Everyone! I feel like I need to explain where I have been and why I haven’t been posting lately. February was one of those crazy months at work. With the snow everything gets shifted and we end up having to rearrange so many things, it got a lot more hectic than normal. SpeakingContinue reading “Update: Organizing, Job & More SNOW!”

What I’m loving week #10

Can I just give myself a pat on the back? *pats self on back* This is by far the longest time I have been blogging, consecutively. YAY! (It’s the little things in life you have to celebrate… right?) So it’s another Monday and surprise surprise it snowed last night. Spring is slowly arriving this year.Continue reading “What I’m loving week #10”

I love the snow and helping others…

Behold we received more snow this Monday. I think mother nature isn’t ready for us to have spring quite yet. Honestly I don’t mind it I think my spring dresses can wait a few more months to be worn. I decided to take my camera for a spin and took these shot. Nothing fancy justContinue reading “I love the snow and helping others…”