Running Update #3 – Day 22


In life we suffer setbacks, but it is how we deal with them that really shows our true character. Running has been challenging for me. It has tested everything and a little bit more that I thought I didn’t have. At this point most would just have given up or resorted to using the elliptical every other day for their daily exercise. Sometimes the idea of the elliptical creeps up and seems like the one I should take, but I realize how amazing I feel after I finish a run. How no matter how hard your lungs are breathing and how much your brain is telling you to stop you can always go farther than what you think is possible.


I promise to make this post short and sweet. Trust me after dealing with so much when it comes to fitness, If I can do it so can you. Let’s begin by saying that I finishes PT (Physical Therapy) a few weeks ago! This alone is a huge accomplishment because my knees aren’t bothering me as much as they use too. All I have to do is keep strengthening them and I won’t have to go back and see my PT. Some exciting news I have joined a new gym that offers free fitness physicals. They even give you your own workout plan how cool is that?!? Okay I’m a bit of a gym nerd, I thought it was really cool!

So you may be asking yourself what is so challenging? So far I have not mentioned what would keep me from working out/running. Three weeks before I finished my PT I discovered that if I became over heated I would break out into tiny bumps and a huge red rash all over my body. I became aware of this when I went for a run outside and when I came back home I was itchy and bumpy and red, pretty much a strawberry! I went to my doctor about all of this and they told me all I could do was monitor it and try taking over the counter allergy medication, and if it got worse to come back and see them.


Two weeks ago I decided to attend my first Zumba class at my new gym and guess what I broke out even worse than what I had ever in the past. My whole body was covered and my hands and feet turned red. They became itchy and uncomfortable. So this sounds enough to put me off from even speed walking right? That night I felt bad and I hated my body for hating me. I was annoyed that after being cleared by my PT this would happen. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD HOW MANY MORE THINGS WILL I HAVE TO HURTLE OVER!!!


That following Monday I went back to the gym. Before leaving my house I took some strong allergy medication and crossed my fingers that this would be enough to help with my allergic reaction. I also went with the mind set that this did not define me and I was going to over come this. Lucky enough all of those things worked! The Allergy medication is just a temporary (maybe permanent?) solution until the doctor figures out what is causing all of this, but until then I get to be able to workout and run.

Oh yeah running. I never meant to get off topic but when you have a allergy to working out, running seems like the last thing you should do. I am proud to say that I have started to slowly get back into running. My allergic reaction is still there but not as bad. So as long as I am careful I can run. I have to make sure to take it easy due to my knees and my allergy, but I am very excited that I have already started planning to run a 5k next year. Fingers crossed I can accomplish this!

Have you ever had any injuries/body issues that have prevented you from running?
What keeps you motivated to run?
Anyone have any races that they are excited to run this upcoming year?

See you all tomorrow!


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Running Update

I know I have stayed away from this topic on my blog the last couple of months.
I thought It was time to let you all know what has been happening and how I am doing on my running journey.


First off I got new shoes! Yes after months and months of knowing the shoes I was wearing weren’t really the best support for my feet I decided I needed to hit up a running specialty store and get some new shoes.
My new shoes are the Saucony OMNI 12 and retail for about $120.00.



One of the main reasons I had to get new shoes is because I resumed physical therapy (PT) again. I was having serious knee pain and I finally got to a point where I said enough is enough let’s get this fixed (again…). I was hesitant because I really didn’t like the first experience of PT I had. I decided to go ahead and find a new PT location and so far two weeks into it I feel like all of my problems and concerns have been addressed and that they genuinely care about me.

When I had my initial evaluation they noticed that one of my legs was a tad bit shorter than the other. They said that this was common but that it could be a culprit to my knee issues. I was given a shoe wedge and long story short the wedge did not fit in my old shoes.

Another thing I was told at my evaluation was that I was not running correctly! AHHHH! Not running properly was my PT right? He explain what he meant and said I wasn’t extending my legs as far out as they are designed. Basically my heel wasn’t close enough to my butt when I extended my legs to run. It’s kind of hard to explain but believe me this problem has been the one thing I can’t seem to fix just yet.

The good news I am fixing my running form and started getting back on the treadmill i can only run for 2 min at a time with a 2 min rest between the next interval of 2 min, but hey it’s a start.

My legs feel sore but they feel healthier and I am starting to dream about the possibility of being able to run for 5 min straight something I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do again.

Have you ever dealt with knee issues or any other leg issue?
Was it easy to return to your daily exercise routine?

See you on Friday!

Where I am in my running adventure


If you have yet to check out my last running post. You can find it here

Where do I start with this post? Oh Yeah my injury DUH!
In early October I visited a orthopaedic & Sports Medicine doctor. I was having issues with my knees. Let me define what I considered an issue. A sharp pain in my patella every time I ran over 3/4 of a mile maybe even less than that. I ran with this “issue” for about 2 weeks the pain came and went depending on what I was running/doing that day. I finally got that checked out and I was diagnosed with a tilted patella on my right leg and most likely on my left as well but he said that it might take a while for it too show up. I was fitted for a brace that same afternoon and I was on my way to continue to deal with my “issue”.

Fast forward a week after my appointment and the left knee is screaming for attention (GREEAATT!!). I knew this was too much for me to handle on my own, and I called the physical theraphy (PT) department and asked for an appointment. I could not bear the thought of never running again or ever being able to go up steps. I ended up going to PT for about 3 months and while on the close eye of my physical therapist I learned that I hyper extend my legs and that can also be a huge cause to my “issue”.

Lets look at where I am today shall we. I returned to my somewhat normal physical activity the second week of January. I was able to get on the elliptical, treadmill and the bike. I have been doing really well on getting my body use to running again. Let me tell you that was a painful process I had lost almost all of my speed and endurance I had to start from zero. I am currently running a mile and a half at a very proud 12 minutes per mile. I have learned that easy does it and that I am still a runner no matter what speed I am going at.

Here are a few things I learned from my PT experience.
1. Always have shorts in your car (TRUST ME!). The shorts they provide you suck and are made of paper. Let’s not even ask why I didn’t bring shorts the first day of PT.
2. Warming up before any type of activity can help you avoid injury. (YES! I did this before but now I have to do 20 minutes on the bike every time before I think about running)
3. It’s okay to need help when you have an injury, no shame in that! I was adamant about treating the “issue” by myself, but I quickly realized it was way to big of a problem for me to handle.
4. Starting over does not mean you lose everything. It means you have an opportunity to rebuild your foundation and make it stronger.
5. Sometimes your body needs a break. In my case it needed a break and some TLC to be back to normal.

Have you ever suffered a sports injury? Or any kind of injury that has slowed you down?
How did you deal with that?


My Running Story

If you haven’t figured out by the title of this post I will talking about how I started to run. It begins in high school junior year to be exact (07′) I joined the track and field team. This happened after trying out for cheerleading and softball, none of these two other sports wanted my amazing skills. I am still not sure why I decided to do this I had never really been fond of running, but I wanted to be part of a team go to meets and dress up on the days when we competed. I quickly learned running was going to be hard and something that was going to keep me on my feet. I completed the season running short distances (100x, 200x, 300x and 400 meters). I found out the last day of practice I was more of a long distance runner my coach never really stopped and looked at my form until that day. I was relieved to find out I was meant to run longer and that is why I never really excelled in running.

Fast forward to today (12′) I began running again in the end of February. Since my last practice back in (07′) I gave up on running not because I didn’t enjoy it but because other issues came up. I just didn’t have the mental energy to continue to run. I put it in the back burner and hoped that I would some day eventually pick it up.

I can honestly say that beginning this running journey has been challenging, difficult and beautiful at the same time. I began to run as a way of releasing stress while I was finishing up my last semester of college. I was in Washington D.C and living in a communal house and had way to much on my plate that I could handle. So naturally I choose that it would be okay to run again. I had the great support of a good friend of mine while I was in D.C. She is an amazing runner and an inspiration to me. I saw her run the Saint Patrick’s Day 8k and after that I was hooked and made a promise to myself that one day I would be back and run that race.

Currently I am injured something which I will go into more detail about in a future post but I have not given up on running. What I can say is that it this injury is only making me want to go out there and run more than ever. I have been bitten by the running bug and I absolutely love it .

Thank you for reading,