My Foundation & Concealer Routine


Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so excited to share with you my foundation and concealer routine. It’s quite boring to be honest I don’t do anything crazy just the essential cover up and go. What I do want to talk about is the products I use those are worthy of your attention.


These four products are a game changer! 


Let’s start off by talking about this CC+ cream from it cosmetics. I am absolutely over the moon with this product it’s amazing. The coverage is ridiculous and it matches my skin tone perfectly.

As you can see I am a huge fan of the Real Technique Complexion sponge and the  Mini Eraser. These two sponges have taken my foundation and concealer application to the next level: Flawless.


This e.l.f HD concealer is my holy grail product it’s pigmented enough to hide my under eyes and cheap enough that I feel like I can stock up and never run out.





I love the finishes effect all these products have on my face and I think I have finally found a routine & products that work for me.

What is your go to foundation? Have you tried the Real Techniques Sponges?

Have a great day!



A Haul: Ulta and CVS


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I have a small haul from Ulta and CVS. I wanted to pick up a few things that have recently been released. I don’t do this often so I wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I picked up. A few of the things have been out for a while, but I am just tad bit slow at trying them out, whoops! I hope you enjoy!


Let’s start off with the few things I picked up from CVS. I picked up a few items from Milani because they were having a buy one get one 50% off. I picked up a blush in Bella Rosa and I am highly impressed by the pigmentation and lasting power. I also picked up a few lip products a lip liner in All Natural and a Lipstick in Plumrose. I also picked up a brow pencil in Dark Brown to see if it was comparable to the Hourglass Brow Sculpting Pencil.


Lastly I picked up these face masks that I found on my way out. I thought they sounded interesting and for $9.99 they weren’t a bad price. We shall see if they actually work and how well my skin takes them.


Next are the things I picked up from Ulta. I saw this EOS lip balm set and I had to buy it to try out the Vanilla Bean Smooth Stick (a review coming soon). The next product was the NYX Dark Circle Concealer. This reminds me of the Benefit Erase Paste, but we shall see how well it works I don’t have super high hopes but who knows.


The real reason why I went to ULTA these two beauties right here. The Tarte Tartlette Matte Palette and the realTechniques Bold Metals Blush brush. These were a small little valentine’s day treat for me and I am so glad I went ahead and treated myself to them (reviews coming soon).

I hope you all enjoyed everything I picked up! I am so excited to try and use all of these products and write reviews for all of you. Let me know which review you would like to see first?

Have a great Day & I will see you on  Wednesday!


realTechniques Concealer Brush + Giveaway/winner!


Happy Monday Everyone!

The winner of the realTechniques Contour Brush is…


Today I am reviewing a new makeup brush that I have been stalking every since I saw it on the RealTechniques instagram page. There are quite a few new brushes coming out and I managed to snag two new ones. The one I will share with you all today is the concealer brush. Last monday I reviewed the other one I picked up which can be read here.  I will be honest with you all and I am not a big fan of concealer brushes I prefer my fingers. I want to try and start using a brush for my concealer and see if that makes a different.


When I first looked at this brush I was amazed at how big the brush is and how stiff the bristles are. This brush is ideal for more creamier products such as the Erase Paste by Benefit. I was very surprised how easy it made applying that particular concealer leaving me with a very natural blend under my eyes you couldn’t tell I was wearing anything. I was not too happy with how it blends out more liquid type of concealers such as the Maybelline Instant age rewind and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

I’m sure there will be many people that don’t like this brush for the intended purpose and others that will love it. I think it will be based on your preference if you find this brush useful or not. In my honest opinion I would pass on this brush and find something you love. E.L.F makes a flawless concealer brush that I absolutely love and it’s only $3.IMG_0449



 Like my last brush post I picked a extra concealer brush for one you lovely people. The same rules apply to this giveaway as the last one. You must be a follower of my blog and you must leave me one comment on this post.

If you are feeling generous and want to reblog this post feel free to do so.

Giveaway winner will be announced  next Monday February 2nd.

Thank you all for reading and Good Luck!

See you on Wednesday!


realTechniques Sculpting Brush + Giveaway!


Happy Monday Everyone!

Last week I did my usual run to Walmart to buy some groceries and a few other things I needed for the week. To my surprise I stumbled upon some new makeup brushes by realTechniques. I had heard through instagram that they are launching new brushes and I was sure my local walmart wouldn’t have them in stock. I must have been lucky that day because not only did I manage to snag the two new brushes that I had looked up, but I also found plain greek yogurt!


I am so excited realTechniques came up with a sculpting brush. I just recently ordered a contour palette I am excited to play with and this brush is going to be perfect for that. This brush is the same exact quality as all of their other brushes. I love how nicely it fits all of the angles of my face and how it blends seamlessly all of my bronzer.

If you are in the market for a new contour/sculpting brush I would check this out.

It was only $9.98 at my local walmart.




If you are feeling lucky you can leave one comment and enter to win this extra one I picked up. The rules are simple be a follower of my blog and like this post. This giveaway ends in one week January 26th. 

See you on Wednesday!


First Impression: real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge


Today I am bringing you a first impressions post. Basically I will write one of these when I have only tried the product out a few times (no more than 3 times!). Today I want to share my experience with the real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I got this from Ulta a few days ago. What drew me to this product was the shape something I had never seen before. Let’s not forget the price as well $4.99 that’s a huge selling point for someone that forked over $20 for the beautyblender.

Let’s talk about the unique shape. From one side it looks like your average knock-off beauty blender just colored differently. Once you turn it you get a angled flat side that something that is very unique in design. Which I have been enjoying quite a bit. I find that the angled flat side allows me to pat my foundation much easier than a rounded side.



I will be honest and say that the quality seems a little bit lower than the beautyblender, but not enough to say that it will rip or tear when you use it. Knowing that it only cost $5 I knew that it wasn’t going to be super high quality sponge material. If you don’t abuse it and take relatively good care of the sponge I can see it lasting quite a while.

Overall thoughts I am enjoying it very much. Do I recommend? YES if your looking for a new sponge or just a new way to apply your foundation. I will update you if my feelings change.

How do you apply your foundation? Ever tried one of these beauty sponges? Like them dislike them?


What I am Loving Week # 32 – Day 28


Hello everyone, Happy Monday!
I am going to keep this post nice and simple since I am currently dealing with an allergic reaction from Zumba this morning :(.

Here is what I have been loving this past week.


I didn’t get to do a lot extra things this past week due to my work schedule but I am excited for this week I get to be able to catch up on some blogs, meet up with friends and plan something yummy to eat.


The three things are so random photographed together but I have absolutely been enjoy them. I have started reading Mindy Kaling’s book and can I just say this is just what I needed to help me get through last week. I might have started dipping my hands in some early Halloween candy hence the lollipops. Random side note: Yes! those are sock and I absolutely love them.


I have two beauty products I have been loving. This duo-fiber brush from Real Techniques is perfect for powder application it gives you a natural look. My love for a nice pink lip continues with this Revlon Lip Bitter in Sorbet.

I hope you all have a great Monday!
See you tomorrow!

What I’m Loving Week #29 – Day 7


First off Happy Monday! I know I know Mondays are never fun, but hey at least you’re one day closer to the weekend. Sending positivity to you all on this wonderful start of the week.

I felt really strange not posting my WILW# last Monday. I guess that’s what I get for picking to do a blog challenge on a month that doesn’t start on a Monday. Any ways I’m glad I get to share with you all my favorite things this week.


This past week was a crazy, yet fun week. I never realized how hard this blogging challenge was going to be. All the planning, editing and writing of post was a hard task to balance, but I made it and I am really happy with what I have posted recently. Hopefully you all like it as well!


Let’s start this off right! I recently watched Now you see me and can I say this really surprised me. I didn’t have high hopes for it. I heard it was good but, I just wasn’t buying in to it. Let me tell you it is an interesting storyline and it kept me very entertained. Oh and the Pringle’s let’s just say were an extra bonus for being so good this week.


As you can imagine this past week was filled with a little less sleep than usual. I had to work wonky shifts which meant I had to balance more than what I normally do. That is where both of these concealers come in handy. Believe it or not both of these pair together gave me the best coverage under my eyes.

Next lets talk about this duo-fiber brush. It is the best thing to come to my life since the freaking’ Pringle’s. No but seriously this brush is multi-purpose and a great add to my collection. This lovely little travel hairspray has saved my hair from going crazy, so THANK YOU Big Sexy Hair for this wonderful gift.

I am so excited for this week’s post.
I hope to see you all tomorrow!