My Foundation & Concealer Routine

Happy Friday Everyone! I am so excited to share with you my foundation and concealer routine. It’s quite boring to be honest I don’t do anything crazy just the essential cover up and go. What I do want to talk about is the products I use those are worthy of your attention. These four productsContinue reading “My Foundation & Concealer Routine”

A Haul: Ulta and CVS

Happy Monday¬†Everyone! Today I have a small haul from Ulta and CVS. I wanted to pick up a few things that have recently been released. I don’t do this often so I wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I picked up. A few of the things have been out for aContinue reading “A Haul: Ulta and CVS”

realTechniques Concealer Brush + Giveaway/winner!

Happy Monday Everyone! The winner of the realTechniques Contour Brush is… Today I am reviewing a new makeup brush that I have been stalking every since I saw it on the RealTechniques instagram page. There are quite a few new brushes coming out and I managed to snag two new ones. The one I willContinue reading “realTechniques Concealer Brush + Giveaway/winner!”

realTechniques Sculpting Brush + Giveaway!

Happy Monday Everyone! Last week I did my usual run to Walmart to buy some groceries and a few other things I needed for the week. To my surprise I stumbled upon¬†some new makeup brushes by realTechniques. I had heard through instagram that they are launching new brushes and I was sure my local walmartContinue reading “realTechniques Sculpting Brush + Giveaway!”

First Impression: real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Today I am bringing you a first impressions post. Basically I will write one of these when I have only tried the product out a few times (no more than 3 times!). Today I want to share my experience with the real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I got this from Ulta a few days ago.Continue reading “First Impression: real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge”

What I am Loving Week # 32 – Day 28

Hello everyone, Happy Monday! I am going to keep this post nice and simple since I am currently dealing with an allergic reaction from Zumba this morning :(. Here is what I have been loving this past week. I didn’t get to do a lot extra things this past week due to my work scheduleContinue reading “What I am Loving Week # 32 – Day 28”

What I’m Loving Week #29 – Day 7

First off Happy Monday! I know I know Mondays are never fun, but hey at least you’re one day closer to the weekend. Sending positivity to you all on this wonderful start of the week. I felt really strange not posting my WILW# last Monday. I guess that’s what I get for picking to doContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #29 – Day 7”

Review: Real Techniques duo-fiber collection

Recently I went through my brush collection and threw out some brushes that were past their usage. It took me some time to find the right brushes to replace my old ones. I ended up picking up two real technique brush collections from Ulta the other day. I decide to review this particular kit forContinue reading “Review: Real Techniques duo-fiber collection”