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Happy Monday Everyone!

Welcome back, where do I begin to explain where I have been. It can be summed up by saying that I needed time to live life. Explore new opportunities and make mistakes. I am back to blogging with a new perspective and have a new found energy for what I want to put out into the world.

For starters, I got a new tattoo that embodies this new feeling. I wanted my first blog post to be exactly about creating the life you want. I feel like I have taken these steps in the last few months. This new tattoo is a reminder that I am capable of creating so many wonderful things in my life.

I want to thank you for sticking around and continuing to join me in this journey called life, and all the snapshots I share with you all.

Do any of you have any tattoos? If so what are they and do you mind sharing their meaning?

Have a great day! I will see you on Wednesday.



And it begins…


Happy Monday Everyone!

I am super excited to share with you all that this Fall I will be pursing my Masters of Social Work. I got into my top choice school and I am beyond excited for what is to come. I am truly blessed to be able to have this opportunity and I know these next two years will be challenging and hard as I adapt to living in a bigger city and away from family. I wanted to share this with you all in hopes of inspiring someone to go out and pursue one of their dreams. Like my mug says “Never give up”.

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday.


Praying for Spring and RANDOM Thoughts.


Happy Monday Everyone!
I have a strong feeling this week is going to be a really good one. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key spent time with family and got caught up with a few things I needed to get done. I also was able to see Divergent which was awesome. I had read the book prior to seeing the movie so I knew what was going to happen. Can we just stop and admire how sexy Theo James aka “Four” is.

Today’s blog post is randomness in a page. I wasn’t quite sure


Reaching for my coach poppy in my D.I.Y plate stand. I finally got around to doing some of my D.I.Y’s I have been stashing on pinterest and this one turned out to be a really pretty one.


My beautiful flowers that I purchased for myself the other day. Who says you can’t buy yourself some pretty flowers every now and then?! These add a pop of color to my rather uncolorful room.


These three necklaces are my go to right now. I love how simple yet spring/summer appropriate they are. I picked up the hot air balloon and camera necklace at Target and the other one is from Fossil.

Well that’s all the randomness I have for you today. Bare with me I am finalizing my vacation and trying to do extra work for my job so that I can be stress free when I leave in May.

Talk to you on Wednesday,

Inspirational Sunday – Day 20

Happy Sunday Everyone!
There are weeks that really test who we are and what we want out of life.
There are weeks that everything goes according to plan and the sun shines brighter.
No matter what kind of week you have had there is always room for growth.

Here is a little food for thought.


*image originally from tumblr, but taken from *

Cheers to a great week ahead of us!
See you all tomorrow.


Inspirational Sunday – Day 13

It’s Sunday! The best day to sit back and relax and think about all of the things you want to accomplish this upcoming week.

Here is an inspirational quote to get your brain thinking.


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Have a Safe and Happy Sunday.
See you on Monday!