Create – My new tattoo

  Happy Monday Everyone! Welcome back, where do I begin to explain where I have been. It can be summed up by saying that I needed time to live life. Explore new opportunities and make mistakes. I am back to blogging with a new perspective and have a new found energy for what I wantContinue reading “Create – My new tattoo”

Praying for Spring and RANDOM Thoughts.

Happy Monday Everyone! I have a strong feeling this week is going to be a really good one. How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key spent time with family and got caught up with a few things I needed to get done. I also was able to see Divergent which was awesome. I hadContinue reading “Praying for Spring and RANDOM Thoughts.”

Inspirational Sunday – Day 20

Happy Sunday Everyone! There are weeks that really test who we are and what we want out of life. There are weeks that everything goes according to plan and the sun shines brighter. No matter what kind of week you have had there is always room for growth. Here is a little food for thought.Continue reading “Inspirational Sunday – Day 20”