My Adult Hand Bag

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you a big adult purchase I recently made and I am a bit scared. I normally don’t spend my money just to spend it and I recently took the plunge and bought a really nice Hand Bag. I want to welcome my new Coach bag to my chaotic life.  IContinue reading “My Adult Hand Bag”

What I keep in my makeup bag

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This week has been dragging for me. I am ready for it to be Friday afternoon. I have had so many things creep up on me this week that I am ready to put this week behind us. Anyone feeling me on this? Today I wanted to share what I keep inContinue reading “What I keep in my makeup bag”

What’s in my purse?!

I picked up this beauty in Italy and have been using it every single day since I’ve been back. It is exactly what I needed without realizing it. I tend to be very, I mean VERY particular with what I invest in specially in when it comes to purses. As you all know I haveContinue reading “What’s in my purse?!”