High-End Moisturizers – Face & Eyes


This past month my skin has been going through a “rough” stage. My eczema was a bit crazy and my skin was so dry that I stayed away from mirrors because I would just see flaky skin, Yuck! For those thinking yes I did try a exfoliant, but you can only exfoliate so much until my face and my eczema hated me :(. With that little ramble out-of-the-way I come to this post. I decided that I would treat myself last month to some new skin care goodies at Sephora. I saved a few bucks and decided to look into high-end moisturizer for my face and my eyes. Here is what I picked up.





I picked up this set of OLE HENRICKSEN products which can be see here . The ladies at my sephora really loved these products and said that they should be good to use on my skin. So far this is okay I am not super trilled, but I feel I need to use the products a while longer to be able to review them properly.


The real reason I saved up money was for a proper moisturizer for my eyes. My under eyes are the ones my eczema attacks first and leaves that area looking really flaky and dull. One of the ladies that worked at Sephora spent 10 minutes explaining to me what this plasma does. It basically eats away dead skin and leaves a smooth canvas without harming the under eyes. The only downside is that you can only use this once a day and it’s only for the under eye area! You can check it out here .

Overall I think I am going to be sticking with my drugstore moisturizer, but I will be repurchasing the PERRICONE MD Blue Plasma Orbital since it has been doing a really good job with my under eyes.

Any drugstore recommendations you all like? Have you ever splurged on a high-end moisturizer?