Heart Felt Wool Dryer Balls Review


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I bring you a different kind of review. Today I am reviewing these Felt wool dryer balls made from pure New Zealand wool. I have been trying to make a effort at taking better care of my clothes. I was reading online and stumbled upon these reusable wool balls that can replace your dryer sheets which can only be used once. I was sold when I read that these dryer balls are reusable and would practically pay for themselves before I have to think about replacing them.


Now you may be asking well how do you get your clothes to smell as nice as the dryer sheets? All of the reviews I read said to apply two to three drops of my favorite essential oil and viola! you have amazing smelling clothes.


I’ve used them a few times now, and I can honestly say that these dryer balls do cut down on my clothes dry time. I also love that I can control what scent my clothes smell like without taking away the softness.

Have you ever tried felt wool dryer balls? Any other tips or tricks you use on your laundry? 

Have a great day!



How I unwind at the end of the day


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all how I unwind at the end of a stressful day. I have adapted a routine that truly works at helping me lower my stress and my anxiety and I owe it to these simple steps.

One.  Diffuse Lavender about two hours prior to falling asleep.

Two. Brew a cup of my favorite tea.

Three. Apply Valor Essential oil on the bottom of my feet as I am jumping into bed.

Four. Apply Panaway essential oil to my knees and sore muscles.



I have been loving adding these essential oils to my daily evening routine. Even just the simple routine of making a cup of tea has been such a relaxing experience. Even if you aren’t into essential oils taking time for you is such a important of your self-care. I am a firm believer of taking time for yourself.

What is your evening routine? How do you unwind after a stressful day? 

Have a great Friday! I will see you on Monday.


Trader Joe’s Beauty Haul


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you three things I picked up at Trader Joe’s specifically beauty related. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing these items and letting you know how they actually perform on my skin & hair. I am excited that Trader Joe’s rotates the products that they have in stock because their is always something new and exciting.


The items I picked up:

Trader Joe’s Rose Water Facial Toner

Trader Joe’s Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Trader Joe’s Spa Natural Facial Cleansing Pads with Tea Tree Oil




What are some of your favorite go to Trader Joe’s beauty products?

Have a great day and I will see you all on Friday!


Young Living Haul


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a different kind of haul. I placed a order on Young Living  Essential Oils. I recently decided to try and switch up some of my products for more natural based products. I decide I would switch up my dental routine up,  and get a couple of other goodies I’ve heard people rave about.


Here is what I picked up: 

Thieves Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste

Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash

Thieves Dental Floss

Valor -Oil Blend

Lavender Lip Balm

Thieves Spray



Let me know if you would like a more in-depth review on any of these products and how I’ve been using them. I am new to the oily world and want to share my opinions on this if you all would like to read it?

Have you ever tried any of the Young Living products? 

Have a great weekend!


Black Radiance Eye Appeal Shadow Collection: Downtown Browns


A few weekends ago I visited my friend who lives two hours away. She lives close to D.C (at least much closer than I do) and we had to make a pit stop at CVS. I stumbled upon a few make up items I have been wanting to try. One of them is this Black Radiance Eye Shadow palette in Downtown Brown.

This palette has been my go to when I want to wear eye shadow. Not only is it pigmented, but for $7.99 it was practically a steal. One thing you have to worry about is that if you pick up too much product you can experience fall out, so just tap off your brush before applying it to your eyes.

I want to share with you all my go to look with this palette so you can see how it performs. I applied an eye shadow primer and I don’t get any creasing (8+ hour wear).


Like the lip colors in these pictures check a review of them here.




Overall I think this is a great everyday palette. If you’re in the market for a new eye shadow palette you should see if you can find this one. It’s affordable and a great piece to start or add-on to your makeup collection.

Have you heard of this brand before? What is your favorite every day palette?