L.A Colors: Color Last Nail Polish Review

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am reviewing the new L.A Colors Color Last Nail Polish in Keepsake. I was picking up a few things from the drugstore and I found that L.A Color had brought out a new line of nail polishes and I was curious. I limited my shopping to one particular color sinceContinue reading “L.A Colors: Color Last Nail Polish Review”

Butter London: Royal Navy Nail Lacquer

Happy Monday Everyone! Slowly but surely Fall is finally making it’s presence all around us. Fall happens my favorite time of year and I love how the trees change around us and how the weather gets a bit crisper and you don’t feel like you are dying from the heat. One of my favorite thingsContinue reading “Butter London: Royal Navy Nail Lacquer”

Review: essence nail art express dry drops

Happy Thursday Everyone! Today I am reviewing a nail care product for those of us who are impatient for our nails to dry on their own time. It is the Essence Nail art express dry drops. So I picked mine up at Ulta for only $2.99 and yes I was very skeptical as to whetherContinue reading “Review: essence nail art express dry drops”

Bargain Find: Formula X Paint The Town

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you all a bargain find that would make any nail polish junkie go crazy! I am always on the hunt for things that are on sale and if I stumble upon something that I have had my eye on that is ever sweeter. I have been eyeingContinue reading “Bargain Find: Formula X Paint The Town”

Favorite Summer Nail Polishes

When I think of summer time I think of bright colors everywhere! In reality I try to incorporate pieces that mix well with a lot of my basics so that means that I have to inject color other ways into my style. i wanted to share with you all my top four nail polishes thisContinue reading “Favorite Summer Nail Polishes”

Urban Decay Nail Polishes

As many of you have already figured out by my other post on this blog I am a nail polish junkie. Yes! I own way more nail polish than what a normal female should ever have in her possession. Today I bring you a review on my latest addition to my nail polish family. UrbanContinue reading “Urban Decay Nail Polishes”