Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Lip

Today I am going to review this lovely little lip sampler from Sephora. I picked it up as a birthday gift to myself and I am pretty happy I managed to get my hands on this. First off this retails for $25. It includes 6 different brand lip products. This kit contains lip glosses, lipContinue reading “Sephora Favorites: Give Me Some Lip”

What I am Loving Week #14

This week I kept my favorites very simple it was supposed to be a no fuss week right? First off I dusted off my iPod and added new music to it and it has been my best friend on my commute to work. Redbox deserves a shout out for letting me be lazy and payContinue reading “What I am Loving Week #14”

My Makeup Bag

As I sat here making traveling plans to see my friend in Colorado I realized I had no idea what I would try to pack in my make up bag. I immediately made a list and this is what I came up with. Let’s start off with my face: Urband Decay De-slick is a mustContinue reading “My Makeup Bag”

My New Favorite Lipsticks

Every once in a while I will be suckered into trying a new product a company comes out with. This year I seem to have forgotten my promise to stop buying make up! Once again my will was weak, and I purchased not one but five of my new favorite lipsticks. They are such beautifulContinue reading “My New Favorite Lipsticks”