Gold Rush: A Makeup Look ft. Anastasia Subculture Palette 


Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a semi-wearable gold eye look. I used my Anastasia Subculture palette that I shared a few blog post ago. I have to be honest about this palette and say that this sucker has tremendous fall out (see pictures below). Like ridiculous fall out. I had to be extremely care when creating this look. I loved the look I came up with don’t get me wrong it just took me a little bit to accomplish it.

The three colors I used are:

New Wave











Would you over look the fall out from this palette? Do you mind palettes having fall out?

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday.



Subculture – Anastasia Beverly Hills


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I wanted to share a birthday gift I received with you all because I am so excited about this palette. My lovely cousin gave me this beauty and I am so excited to try it out. Before I do I had to take some pictures of this beauty and share. I’ve heard some mixed review about this and I am excited to try this out.





Stay tune for a in depth review and a makeup look!

Do you own this palette? Have you swatched this yet?

See you all tomorrow!


A $10 Sephora Collection Find


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a Black Friday Find that I wasn’t expecting to be this in love with. I picked up this mini palette from the Sephora Collection for only $10 and I am really impressed. I hadn’t really tried any of the Sephora Collection makeup products, because let’s be honest when we go to Sephora we don’t go for their own makeup brand we go for all of the other ones they carry. I figured it was time to see what Sephora carried and give them a shot.


The packaging is absolutely adorable and so compact. This isn’t going to add bulk to your makeup bag.


You get 9 shades that vary from Matte and shimmery. They are perfect for this time of year when we normally go all out for the various festivities we are invited to.




This palette even gives you detailed instructions on how to apply which shade where. I absolutely that this is such a friendly palette for all make up levels experts. Sadly this only seems to have been available during Black Friday, but I wanted to share this either way. Maybe next time you are at Sephora I would suggest you check out their Makeup and see if you find a amazing find from them.

Do you have any favorite product from the Sephora Collection?

Have a great Day!