BH Cosmetics – 6 Piece White Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a first impressions on this BH travel/ mini brush set. This retails for $12 and it comes with 6 makeup brushes and a bag where you can store your brushes in. You can purchase them here.


This kit includes: 

Foundation brush

Dual-fiber powder brush

Blush/contour brush

Eyeshadow brush

Eye blender brush

Angled eyeliner brush


Overall this kit is perfect for traveling it has the basic brushes you would need to create a even day look. The brushes are the perfect size to complete each task and don’t take up too much space when traveling. The nice thing is that they give you a bag that can also accommodate other size brushes so you can carry all your essential tools with you.

I’m excited to take these brushes with me on the few trips I have schedule this year.

Have any of your tried out any of the BH Cosmetic Brushes sets? What are your thoughts?

Have a great weekend everyone!




Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad


Happy Thursday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a review on this Makeup Brush cleaning pad that I found at my local TJ Maxx. Can you believe this was only $5.50. I have seen this retail for $24-$34. I think that’s ridiculous since it’s going to get stained and is going to need to be replaced in a few years or so.











Overall I am in love with this product. It has made my cleaning process go much more smoother. I feel like it also cuts down on time if you tend to wash a bajillion brushes like me. One thing I will point out is that if you was foundations brushes some foundations may stain the silicon that this product is made of. So don’t expect it to be clean and stain free forever.

What do you use to clean your brushes? Have you ever tried a similar product like this one?

Have a wonderful day and I will see you all tomorrow!


My Travel Makeup Must Haves


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

For today’s 16 days of January Post I decided to share with you my travel makeup bag. I am currently visiting my parents for a week and had to only bring the essential. Keep in mind all of  these are not airplane friendly. Make sure you check with your airline/airport to see what is executable to bring.


I put all of my items in a small and cheap forever 21 bag that i bought a few months ago. I figured if I kept all of my makeup to one reasonable size bag that I would only take the things I need. So without further delay here they are.


I brought one eye shadow palette that was versatile enough for anything that may spring up in my schedule. I also brought my favorite brow palette as well.


I brought my current favorite face powder, my go to bronzer and a compact blush palette that could give me the a few options to play with.


I packed my hand dandy primer and the current two foundations I am mixing at the moment.


I brought a mix of brushes.


Two concealers for my under eyes and for any spot concealing and my beauty blender.


I brought a small can of dry shampoo and my eye cream and a mini moisturizer sample I am trying out.


I packed one mascara and one liquid eyeliner then my eyebrow gel. My trusty eye lash curler and a spooly.


I only packed one lip option I know who am I? I packed a few bobby pins and a hair tie and my nail clippers.

I am so proud of how I managed to only bring my essentials. I think I am getting the hang of this whole packing things down. Maybe next time I can condensed this even more. No promises!

What are your go to travel essentials? 

Have a great day!


Canceling ipsy- February Bag


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my last ipsy bag. I have been on the fence about this subscription service for a while now and I have decided it is not worth the money I am spending on it for the things that I been receiving. Well it’s only fitting that I say farewell and show you all what came in this months bag.


What I received: 

Hey honey take it off exfoliating honey peel off mask

Rob Scheppy for ‘tini neauty powder eyeshadow in pearl fizz

Cargo Cosmetics Lipgloss Anguilla

Model Co Blush Cheek Powder in Cosmopollitan 01

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush






Well it was a great run with ipsy and I did find a few more brands I really enjoyed. I also got the opportunity to try new products I would of never ventured out and discovered by myself. Overall if you are just starting with makeup this is a great way to expand your makeup collection and get to try a variety of different products.

I bid you farewell ipsy until next time!


Do you have a favorite subscription service? Any new ones I should check out?

See you all on Friday!


realTechniques Concealer Brush + Giveaway/winner!


Happy Monday Everyone!

The winner of the realTechniques Contour Brush is…


Today I am reviewing a new makeup brush that I have been stalking every since I saw it on the RealTechniques instagram page. There are quite a few new brushes coming out and I managed to snag two new ones. The one I will share with you all today is the concealer brush. Last monday I reviewed the other one I picked up which can be read here.  I will be honest with you all and I am not a big fan of concealer brushes I prefer my fingers. I want to try and start using a brush for my concealer and see if that makes a different.


When I first looked at this brush I was amazed at how big the brush is and how stiff the bristles are. This brush is ideal for more creamier products such as the Erase Paste by Benefit. I was very surprised how easy it made applying that particular concealer leaving me with a very natural blend under my eyes you couldn’t tell I was wearing anything. I was not too happy with how it blends out more liquid type of concealers such as the Maybelline Instant age rewind and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

I’m sure there will be many people that don’t like this brush for the intended purpose and others that will love it. I think it will be based on your preference if you find this brush useful or not. In my honest opinion I would pass on this brush and find something you love. E.L.F makes a flawless concealer brush that I absolutely love and it’s only $3.IMG_0449



 Like my last brush post I picked a extra concealer brush for one you lovely people. The same rules apply to this giveaway as the last one. You must be a follower of my blog and you must leave me one comment on this post.

If you are feeling generous and want to reblog this post feel free to do so.

Giveaway winner will be announced  next Monday February 2nd.

Thank you all for reading and Good Luck!

See you on Wednesday!


realTechniques Sculpting Brush + Giveaway!


Happy Monday Everyone!

Last week I did my usual run to Walmart to buy some groceries and a few other things I needed for the week. To my surprise I stumbled upon some new makeup brushes by realTechniques. I had heard through instagram that they are launching new brushes and I was sure my local walmart wouldn’t have them in stock. I must have been lucky that day because not only did I manage to snag the two new brushes that I had looked up, but I also found plain greek yogurt!


I am so excited realTechniques came up with a sculpting brush. I just recently ordered a contour palette I am excited to play with and this brush is going to be perfect for that. This brush is the same exact quality as all of their other brushes. I love how nicely it fits all of the angles of my face and how it blends seamlessly all of my bronzer.

If you are in the market for a new contour/sculpting brush I would check this out.

It was only $9.98 at my local walmart.




If you are feeling lucky you can leave one comment and enter to win this extra one I picked up. The rules are simple be a follower of my blog and like this post. This giveaway ends in one week January 26th. 

See you on Wednesday!


How to dry a Kabuki Brush


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great day. It’s almost the weekend and I am so excited to just have sometime to relax and work on Graduate school applications. Today I wanted to share how I let my kabuki brushes dry. This is always tricky for me because you can’t just stand it on it’s end because all the water will just soak up in the barrel. So how the heck do you go about solving this problem?! well I came up with a very crafty way and here is how.

What you will need:

-A small bowl (I’m using a baking ramekin)

-Rubber bands (or large hair ties if you’re out of rubber bands)

& a kabuki brush


Begin by applying the rubber bands around the bowl or baking ramekin as shown in the picture above. Your goal is to create a square that your kabuki brush can be placed in. Make sure the box is small enough (as shown in the picture below) so that your brush does not fall off.


Lastly place your Kabuki brush in the square you have created and allow to dry over night. You should have a clean brush without any water damage.


Hopefully this helped some of you if you were struggling with how to dry your Kabuki brushes. If you are more of a step by step learner check out the simple video I created here.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

I will see you all on Monday.