My Favorite Rings.

  Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you all my favorite rings that I’m currently wearing. They are simple yet make a statement when worn by themselves or together. I recently started getting into wearing rings so my collection is quite small. The Rings: Bow Ring – Kate Spade Romance Heart Ring– Alex andContinue reading “My Favorite Rings.”

Chic Corners #1: Desk

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today I am sharing my first chic corner with you all. Okay so some may say it’s not very chic, but I think it’s very much me. Who knows this blog post may end up on Pinterest? When I planned out what i wanted my desk corner to look like I wantedContinue reading “Chic Corners #1: Desk”

D.I.Y: Kate Spade inspired Polkadot Ked Sneakers

(Image taken from Google) I am so excited for this post because I finally got around to do this cute D.I.Y project. I have been lusting over these amazing Kate Spade polka dot ked sneakers. The only downside is they are $75 yikes! So what does a stingy/budget friendly fashionista do? Make them her selfContinue reading “D.I.Y: Kate Spade inspired Polkadot Ked Sneakers”