My Christmas Tree


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you my first adult Christmas Tree! I had to compromise and go with a fake one since I knew I could not keep up with keeping a real one alive. Maybe next year we will consider it for more than 30 seconds. At least this year I managed to have a tree I am pretty darn proud off without breaking the bank.

I hope you enjoy my tree as much as I do.







I hope you have a great day!



Merry Christmas & Giveaway!


Happy Christmas Everyone!

I know I don’t normally post on Thursdays but I wanted to do something extra special this year. I have been working on a very special giveaway for everyone that has supported me over the last year. I am truly grateful for every one of you and wanted to give two amazing followers the opportunity to start 2015 of right.

The first prize is a Sleek i-Divide storm palette. I picked this up while I was on my vacation and have been saving it for one lucky supporter.



The second prize is the Natural Glow Shadow & Blush palette by Barry M. I also picked this up while I was on my vacation and have been saving it for one lucky supporter.



So here are the rules: Please leave one comment telling me what was your favorite thing that you received this christmas? I would love for the person to win to be following me on wordpress, but if you can’t I’ll take your word on being a dedicated reader 🙂 I am only opening this up to my US readers since it is such a hard task to track one of these palettes down. I appreciate everyone that reads my blog, and hopefully one day I will be able to do an international giveaway!

Giveaway will be open until Wednesday December 31,2014 midnight EST. 

Winner will be announced on January 2nd.

Again Thank you for all of the support and I hope everyone has a great Christmas/Holiday season.

See you all on Friday!


The Perfect Statement Earrings for the Holidays


Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I also hope that you are all ready to celebrate Christmas and that you aren’t wait to do last minute christmas shopping ;). What you really should be worrying about is what you are going to wear, nah j/k  that’s not what the holiday time is all about. But if you were looking for a bit of inspiration in the accessory front I decide to help you out and share with you one of my secret weapons, statement earrings!


You may be saying earrings… that’s it?! That’s not going to get me compliments from my great aunt sally. Well if you stop and pair these gorgeous beauties right you might be surprised and you great aunt Sally will be wondering where you purchased those lovely earring you have on.

Please keep in mind that these earrings are perfect on there own or with other accessories.


This first pair is a classy yet simple earring that will add a bit of sparkle without being in your face. I was lucky enough to find these at the thrift store (I sanitized theses before wearing them) for only a dollar. You never know what you will find in a thrift store so check your local one out. You may also be luck to find a similar pair at F21 or Charlotte Russe.


This second pair comes from the Walmart jewelry section. Can you believe I got these for $5. These are a bit less flashy but will complement a nice chunky sweater or a t-shirt if you that’s more your style.


This next pair is perfect if you just want to stick on something but have no time to coordinate and try on a hundred different pairs. These are subtle yet very eye catching. You can find these at NY & Company on sale for $5


If you are a all out kind of girl these earrings are for you! I picked them up at Target for $9.99 and they scream Holidays. The best part is they will most likely match any type of outfit you choose and if these aren’t daring enough check out the last pair.


Again these were a Target find for $9.99. These are more elegant and more subtle but will have everyone staring as you walk by.

All of the earrings shown in this post are 100% wearable for 6+ hours unless you have super sensitive ears, then wear them at your own risk.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and that it has inspired you to dust off some of your favorite earrings and take them out for  a spin this Holiday season.

Do you wear earrings? Did you fancy any of these in this post?

See you all on Wednesday!


POPSUGAR Must Have Box: December 2014


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I am so sorry I have been absent from my blog for a little while. After getting sick I needed to get myself better and I decided to just focus on my well being for a short time. I am back and excited to be blogging again for you all. I am back with another post about my popsugar must have box. If you haven’t already caught on this is a monthly subscription box that features beauty, lifestyle and home goods in each of their boxes. These boxes are geared towards young women that want more than just beauty in a subscription box.

Enough explaining lets get into what came in this months box:

SPUN by Subtle Luxury Speckled Metallic Scarf – Sugg. Retail: $62

Sparklepop Sydney Necklace – Sugg. Retail: $42

Canvas Dauville Platinum Bowl – Sugg. Retail: $29

Smashbox be Legendary Long Wear Lip Lacquer – Sugg. Retail: $24

Knot & Bow Parcel Tags – Sugg. Retail: $4

Williams-Sonoma Cupcake Mix in Vanilla Bean – Sugg. Retail: $14.95










I think this was a great box to end the year! I absolutely loved the everything and I love that they included the cupcake mix. I love to bake cupcakes and I love that they got this spot on. Everything else is perfect for the holidays!

Have you tried out the POPSUGAR Box? What is your fav. thing from this months box?

Have a Great Day!


Popsugar Must Have Box: November 2014


Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope your week was a good one. I can’t believe November is almost gone, sheesh how did that happen? New Years will be with us before we know it. For today’s post I wanted to share what I got in my November Popsugar must have box.


I have slowly begun falling in love with this subscription service. It fits my life perfectly and I’m always impressed with all of the things that I get. This month was no exception they included a few things that will be super useful this holiday season.

Here is what I received:

Simon & Schuster The Secret Recipe- sugg. retail $35

Sorial Saffiano Wallet on a chain- sugg. retail $49

K. Hall Simpatico Ambergris Shea Butter Cream- sugg. retail $22

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationery- sugg. retail $15

Wine Glass Writer Custom 3-pack- sugg. retail $9.95

G.H Cretors Chicago Mix Popped Corn- sugg. retail $3.69







This box makes me so excited for the Holidays. My favorite things in this box was the Chicago mix popcorn, my favorite combo this time of year.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got in my popsugar must have box.

Are you excited for the Holidays? Did you receive the Nov. Popsugar must have box?

Have a great weekend!

See you one Monday.


Review: bareMinerals All The Faves


Sorry for not posting yesterday but with Thanksgiving being right around the corner I am a tad bit busier and won’t get around to posting as often as I want. Believe it or not I have never tried any bareMineral products except a small sample size of their SPF15 Matte foundation that I received a long time ago. I have heard great things about this brand and have never really given it a chance. So I decide that after seeing this kit in Ulta I had to take the plunge and buy it. I will tell you what I think about each product incase you are also a newbie to bareMinerals and want to pick it up.

Here is what is in this kit:


Prime Time Original Foundation Primer
. this preps the skin for flawless foundation application while smoothing away dryness, fine lines and uneven textures.
-I don’t think this is anything really unique. I have tried many other primers in hope that one would help my foundation last longer given that my skin is super oily. I wouldn’t run out and buy this it has the same consistency as the E.L.F Mineral primer, Lancome LA BASE PRO and Smashbox photo finish primer.


Prime Time Eyelid Primer
.Smooth, sheer base maximizes the color intensity and staying power of any eye color while minimizing creasing and fading.
-I really enjoyed this primer again just like the foundation primer I wouldn’t say this is a must. It kept my eyeshadow on and crease free for 8+ hours, but there are similar and less expensive option out there I enjoy more.


Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
.The ultimate, translucent finishing touch to your makeup, it absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of fine line and pores.
-I have been really enjoying this finishing powder under my eyes it creates a beautiful finish on top of my concelar and it seems to brighten up my eyes.

Bareminerals Ready Eyeshadow 2.0
.Vivid, universally wearable shades of brown sugar and brown truffle last up to 12 hours.
-This eyeshadow duo is absolutely beautiful. I played around with it and created a beautiful party look perfect for the holidays. I also wore this out on a regular work day and it wasn’t too dramatic. These eye shadows are super pigmented and blend very easily. I absolutely love them. Possible new favorite duo.



Lash Domination Volumizing Mascara
.The ultimate 10-in-1 volumizing, lengthening, thickening, separating and long-wearing mascara.
-This mascara is what I call a medium spectrum mascara it is not a wet nor dry formula it’s in the middle. It provide my lashes with lots of volume but no length (I have quite a bit of length naturally). The only down side is that it does smudge on my lower lash lines thanks to skin being oily.


Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Get Ready
.Creamy, super-saturated warm, rosy pink glides on with a rich satin finish that works whatever the occasion.
-This is a beautiful dark pink lip perfect for a dark eye look if you aren’t a fan of a red lip. The staying power isn’t the most amazing thing in the world. If you eat and drink the lipstick isn’t going to stick on your lips. I do have to admit this is an absolutely stunning color for medium skin tones.


Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Sparkplug
.Luscious, dusty pink pearl shade slips on satiny-smooth with nonstop glistening shine.
-This lipgloss can be paired with the moxie lipstick that is provided in this set, it is a bit dark compared to the lipstick color, but they still looks beautiful. This can also be worn on it’s own for a beautiful glossy lip with a pack of color. These glosses aren’t sticky and aren’t heavy.

I am so excited to continue to use these products. I am really happy I decided to pick this set up and finally try some of bareMineral products.

Do you have any favorite bareMineral product? Any recommendations?

Merry Christmas

Every Christmas season I love to take my camera out and find one or two unique things in my surrounding world that really inspires my artistic side. This year I found some cute ornaments in my friends house and I had to show you all.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!