A Blue Beauty Haul

Happy Monday Everyone! Welcome Back to my blog. I know it’s been a while since I posted on my blog. So to make it up to you all I wanted to share a haul and explain a bit why I have been absent. So while I was gone I did a little bit of shoppingContinue reading “A Blue Beauty Haul”

A Ulta Haul – Drugstore

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you a Ulta beauty haul. I decided to take advantage of the fact that I had a $10 coupon + a free birthday gift from Ulta and decided to pick up a few things to test out. Let me know what you want me to review? TheContinue reading “A Ulta Haul – Drugstore”

A drugstore Haul ft. concealers

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I bring you another drugstore haul. I know I know most of the products are concealers, but what can I say I ran out of the ones I was using. Since starting grad school concealer has been a huge staple in my makeup routine. You don’t understand how big of aContinue reading “A drugstore Haul ft. concealers”

A Sephora Haul: Bits and Bobs

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you a few items that I picked up from Sephora last weekend. I had a girls day and we ended up going to shopping in a city near by that has way more stores than we will ever have. I tried to only pick up the things IContinue reading “A Sephora Haul: Bits and Bobs”

A Dollar Tree Haul.

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I bring you a haul, not just any haul a dollar tree haul! I have seen these kinds of hauls blow up on youtube and I thought I would go and check my local dollar tree and see what I could find. As you all know I love a good bargainContinue reading “A Dollar Tree Haul.”

A Haul: Ulta and CVS

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I have a small haul from Ulta and CVS. I wanted to pick up a few things that have recently been released. I don’t do this often so I wanted to share with you all some of the goodies I picked up. A few of the things have been out for aContinue reading “A Haul: Ulta and CVS”

e.l.f Haul – New Products

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all are having a great Monday especially since it’s the last one of 2014. I was a bit naughty and placed a order of of the e.l.f website a week or so ago and picked up some new and exciting products. I think these products are still available and youContinue reading “e.l.f Haul – New Products”

Happy Birthday To Me!?!

Happy Monday Everyone! Today is a very special Monday it just so happens to be my 24th birthday on this lovely planet. I am not much for drawing attention to myself. I figured you only get one birthday a year might as well enjoy that you survived another year and are gaining more wisdom eachContinue reading “Happy Birthday To Me!?!”