Meet Minerva aka “Minnie”

  Happy Wednesday Everyone! It’s been a hot minute since I have posted anything on my little blog. I have to apologize life has yet again taken me for a roller coaster of a ride and I was not prepared for the impact it was going to make. I am back yet again and ready toContinue reading “Meet Minerva aka “Minnie””

Chit Chat: I moved & Starting Grad School

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It feel like it’s been forever since I have written a blog post. Many of you know that I have been busy moving cities to start graduate school this fall. Most of the time I try and plan most of my activities out so I can be semi-prepared for what could/can goContinue reading “Chit Chat: I moved & Starting Grad School”

& Just like that everything changed.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This month is a very hectic month for me. I am starting to feel the stress of moving out and getting everything under control as best as I can. I have so many more things I have to do and yet not enough time to do them. I am still trying toContinue reading “& Just like that everything changed.”

Grad School Wish List #2

Happy Wednesday Everyone! As my start date for graduate school approaches I have been searching for things to bring into my new apartment that I will be sharing with two other lovely ladies. I want my space to feel clean and organized while being chic and stylish. I have found a few things I will be purchasing andContinue reading “Grad School Wish List #2”

A Mini Update & Dealing with Change

  Happy Wednesday Everyone! Sorry I have been M.I.A this week let’s just say I have been focusing all my energy on grad school things and getting ready for my mini vacation this Friday. I want to focus this post specifically on talking about change and how I personally deal with it. I enjoy theContinue reading “A Mini Update & Dealing with Change”

Grad School Applications +Cake Batter Obsession

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you are having a great start to your week so far. My weekend consisted of lots of writing, self reflecting and coming up with my personal qualities. If you guessed from the title I am applying to go to graduate school in the FallContinue reading “Grad School Applications +Cake Batter Obsession”

Taking a step back…

Hello lovely people! It feel like it has been forever since I have sat down and typed a blog post for you all. Honestly, I really don’t have a good excuse as to why I haven’t sat down and posted something. I’ve just felt a bit uninspired and just wanted to lay low while IContinue reading “Taking a step back…”