Easy Like Sunday Morning: Casual Outfit

  Happy Friday Everyone! Today I bring you a really rare post. It’s a outfit of the day post and these seem to be scares on my blog. I hope you enjoy this casual yet chic outfit I put together. Can we talk about how beautiful this trench coat is?! The best part I pickedContinue reading “Easy Like Sunday Morning: Casual Outfit”

Fall Favorites: Jewelry – Day 2

As you can see I have collected quite a few pieces of jewelry over the years. Most are inexpensive pieces, or were given to me for Christmas or my birthday. Each piece has a special time and place to potentially be worn. I often feel too lazy to try to play around with my jewelryContinue reading “Fall Favorites: Jewelry – Day 2”

The Fossil Explorer Tote

I am not really a handbag kind of girl. I am uncomfortable when I have to carry a purse. After those words you may be wondering why I am talking about this Tote. I finally found a hybrid bag that allows me to have a bag that is appropriate for work. But also appropriate forContinue reading “The Fossil Explorer Tote”