The Meaning Behind My Tattoo

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am sharing the story of how I got my first tattoo. I think I lightly touched based on it on this blog post. I wanted to take the time and explain why I decided to get my tattoo and what it means to me. On April 7th, 2017 I wentContinue reading “The Meaning Behind My Tattoo”

Witches Brew in Long Island, NY

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you an awesome restaurant my friend took us to. It’s called Witches Brew and if you are a coffee, tea or Vegan you will love everything they have to offer. This restaurant is such a charming and cool find. The decor has such a antique/ halloween vibeContinue reading “Witches Brew in Long Island, NY”

A Day at the Farm 2017

Happy Monday Everyone! As we are coming to a close on the beautiful month of October my roommate and I decided to venture out on a Fall adventure. The only possible place we could go to was a Farm about 45 minutes away from where we live. This farm has so many cool activities youContinue reading “A Day at the Farm 2017”

Eastern Market- Washington, D.C.

Happy Thursday Everyone! I wanted to share with you a cool new place I visited in D.C., the Eastern Market. This market is a mixture of a flea market with hand made items. I absolutely loved exploring this charming little space with my best friend. We stopped to grab lunch at a nice French restaurantContinue reading “Eastern Market- Washington, D.C.”

The Lights Fest D.C. 2017

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you a really cool experience I got to attend this Saturday. I wanted to spend my second day as a 27 years old doing something a little different something that had a little bit more meaning. The Lights Festival in D.C. was held at the Mason DixonContinue reading “The Lights Fest D.C. 2017”

My Travel Diary: India pt.2

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I am bringing you part two of my travel diary. I’m so excited to share with my Taj Mahal experience. I can clearly remember that it was a very cloudy day and that a thunder storm was approaching. We took a chance and decided to still explore and take it allContinue reading “My Travel Diary: India pt.2”

My Travel Diary: India pt.1

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you a picture diary of my trip to India. This will be the first part of my travel diary so stay tune for more posts. Okay so lets start from the beginning. I arrived in Delhi, India and spent about 24 hours resting before heading to JaipurContinue reading “My Travel Diary: India pt.1”