My Travel Makeup Must Haves


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

For today’s 16 days of January Post I decided to share with you my travel makeup bag. I am currently visiting my parents for a week and had to only bring the essential. Keep in mind all of  these are not airplane friendly. Make sure you check with your airline/airport to see what is executable to bring.


I put all of my items in a small and cheap forever 21 bag that i bought a few months ago. I figured if I kept all of my makeup to one reasonable size bag that I would only take the things I need. So without further delay here they are.


I brought one eye shadow palette that was versatile enough for anything that may spring up in my schedule. I also brought my favorite brow palette as well.


I brought my current favorite face powder, my go to bronzer and a compact blush palette that could give me the a few options to play with.


I packed my hand dandy primer and the current two foundations I am mixing at the moment.


I brought a mix of brushes.


Two concealers for my under eyes and for any spot concealing and my beauty blender.


I brought a small can of dry shampoo and my eye cream and a mini moisturizer sample I am trying out.


I packed one mascara and one liquid eyeliner then my eyebrow gel. My trusty eye lash curler and a spooly.


I only packed one lip option I know who am I? I packed a few bobby pins and a hair tie and my nail clippers.

I am so proud of how I managed to only bring my essentials. I think I am getting the hang of this whole packing things down. Maybe next time I can condensed this even more. No promises!

What are your go to travel essentials? 

Have a great day!



My Makeup Bag


As I sat here making traveling plans to see my friend in Colorado I realized I had no idea what I would try to pack in my make up bag. I immediately made a list and this is what I came up with.


Let’s start off with my face: Urband Decay De-slick is a must since I have extremely oily skin. My Revlon Colorstay foundation in combo to oily skin. Benefit’s Erase Paste this little pot has been with me for over a year and it still works like a charm best concealer I have used in a long time.


The rest of the face: My moisturizer from Eucerin is something I can’t travel without because of eczema. Revlon nearly naked powder to keep everything sealed in. My go to palette as of lately the Urban Decay Naked Basics a simple neutral eye look friendly for travel. My travel size mascara from LANCOME: DEFINICILS this gives me natural longer lashes appropriate for any occasion. My burt’s bees chapstick I can’t go anywhere without this.


For lips: I want to imagine that I would be content with two lip products. I choose my color whispers in Rose of Attraction and Flower shine on lip gloss in Pretty-in-Petunia.

I also am aware that you can’t take anything over 3 ounces in your carry on. Some of the things I am taking will have to be made travel friendly.

Have you ever traveled what was your experience like?
See you on Friday yes you heard that right a FRIDAY POST!