What I’m Loving Week #17

Hello lovely Monday! Nice to see your smiling face again.
Oh and Hello to you too thanks for stopping by again.


This past week I have a small list of things I am currently loving. I guess that happens sometimes, you can’t love everything at once.


For beauty I have my holy grail staple moisturizer from Eucerin this stuff helps my eczema disappear in a couple of days :). One thing that hasn’t changed is my love for Revlon products. Again this week I want to share this tone down version of the cream blush I should last week it’s called Pinched. Oh and I can’t forget my current favorite nail polish from them: Minted.


My last two favorites are two things that made me extremely happy this week. First dangly earrings because one can never have sparkle in ones outfits (jk just look at Ke$ha!). The second thing is Supernatural yes I am like 8 seasons behind and like 8 years too late on this show but man I am currently in love with it. I would honestly say I would marry either one of the brothers and pick some supernatural butt for the rest of my life with them! (I can dream can’t I?)

Thanks for stopping by see you around!



A insta-haul

This year has been all about using what I have and staying away from temptation in these categories:
-Skin Care
-Nail polishes
and clothes.

My will is weak and here is a what I bought. I actually ran out of a few things, but hey I’m a sucker for a new little pick me up to temporary spicy up my routine.


As you can see I didn’t do that much damage to my wallet and I did pick up a few new things. Here is what I think about them so far.


First off this Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose Kiss. EVERYONE has been raving about this product. I decided to try it out. First off this is a very thin lip butter. By thin I mean it won’t feel thick, EVER no matter how much you put on. It is relatively hydrating I would give it a 6 out 10, this is not my favorite lip balm. I do love that I can layer it under a lipstick without it feeling too thick or to goopy. Overall I would say skip it buy Burts Bees or an actual hydrating lip balm in a tube.

Second thing I got is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal pencil in Nude. I have heard that this can be compared to Tarte’s emphasEyes Inner Rim brightened in Nude. I absolutely love it. It is the perfect shade to put into your waterline and “wake you up”. You can’t beat the price for this lovely pencil. Once I saw it in stock I had to grab it, those are rare gems in my drugstore.


The third thing I picked up is the Eucerin Professional Repair Extremely Dry Skin Lotion. I ran out of my Eucerin Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme and I though I would try something new. So far this has a bit more of a gel like consistency. It seems to be doing the job but I am still testing it out.

I know a pretty boring haul. Next time I will try to spice up what I buy … or maybe not we shall see.

Have you purchased anything new recently?