February Favorites 2016

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you some of my February favorites.¬†For some reason this month felt longer even though it only has 29 days. I tried a bunch of new things this past month and a few of them made it onto my current favorites list which is exciting. Here is whatContinue reading “February Favorites 2016”

What I am Loving Week #30 – Day 14

It’s Monday!? What? where is time going? This month is almost half way through and before you know it November will be here. I hope everyone is having a great Monday. I am really hoping this will be a good week for all of us! Here a few things I have been enjoying lately. IContinue reading “What I am Loving Week #30 – Day 14”

What I’m Loving Week #27

This past week was super busy. Work has gotten busier and I have more paperwork that still needs to be done. In recap this week was stressful. Thank god for a good book and some of my favorite beauty essentials. Let’s see what I have been enjoying this past week. I finally got my handsContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #27”

What I’m Loving Week #20

I have some exciting news to tell you all. Remember that promotion I had applied for? Guess what? I got it! I began my new position this Monday so that is why I have been M.I.A. First off let me tell you how excited I am for this new chapter in my life. I amContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #20”