Chic Corner #2: Make-Up

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today I bring you another Chic Corner installment. This time we are turning our chair towards my makeup corner/ vanity. I am extremely happy how everything came out on this side of my desk and it brings me so much joy looking at it. I decided when piecing this corner together thatContinue reading “Chic Corner #2: Make-Up”

Chic Corners #1: Desk

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Today I am sharing my first chic corner with you all. Okay so some may say it’s not very chic, but I think it’s very much me. Who knows this blog post may end up on Pinterest? When I planned out what i wanted my desk corner to look like I wantedContinue reading “Chic Corners #1: Desk”

My Desk Essential – Office Edition

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you all some of my desk essential that I keep in my handy at work. A few things change (like my snack), but most of the time they stay the same. I recently started looking up desk inspiration and I thought this post would be a funContinue reading “My Desk Essential – Office Edition”