How to: Bridal Shower Dessert Table

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you the Dessert table I put together for my friends bridal shower. First off sorry for the lack of pictures, but my camera decided to reject my memory card and it pretty much died after that. Here are the few pictures I  could capture. I decided toContinue reading “How to: Bridal Shower Dessert Table”

Grad School Wish List #2

Happy Wednesday Everyone! As my start date for graduate school approaches I have been searching for things to bring into my new apartment that I will be sharing with two other lovely ladies. I want my space to feel clean and organized while being chic and stylish. I have found a few things I will be purchasing andContinue reading “Grad School Wish List #2”

Pittsburgh Haul

As promised this will be last that you hear of my Pittsburgh road trip. I wanted to conclude it by showing you the few things I picked up. If you’ve missed my part one or two of my recap check them out here and here! While walking the Strip on Saturday morning my friends andContinue reading “Pittsburgh Haul”