My Perfume Collection- 2014

I wanted to share my Perfume Collection with you all. It’s not big by any means I would say my collection is pretty normal. I try to use a perfume completely before looking for other fragrances to buy. I have never wanted to collect a ton of perfume they are pretty expensive! So here isContinue reading “My Perfume Collection- 2014”


What I’m Loving Week #6

Welcome back to another what I’m loving weekly post. This week I have some awesome things that I have been loving. First off lets can I just say that last week was crazy and I needed more sleep than what I actually got. About a week ago I found my old Polaroid camera and itContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #6”

What I’m loving Week #3

Welcome back to what I am loving week #3. I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks straight that I have posted one of these. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to stick with this, but I think this might be my favorite type of post I do on here. Enough of my chatting aboutContinue reading “What I’m loving Week #3”