My Perfume Collection- 2014


I wanted to share my Perfume Collection with you all. It’s not big by any means I would say my collection is pretty normal. I try to use a perfume completely before looking for other fragrances to buy. I have never wanted to collect a ton of perfume they are pretty expensive! So here is what I have I hope you all enjoy.



I absolutely love this Marc Jacobs DOT perfume. It’s was the most recent addition to my perfume collection. I smelled it and waited until my Vera Wang Princess perfume ran out and bought this one. I tend to switch between this one and the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted Perfume at the moment.



Coach Poppy has to be my favorite scent for spring and summer time. I went through a this whole bottle last year and I have a little bit left for this upcoming spring time. I will have to decide if I want to repurchase or fall in love with another perfume. Tough life choices… haha.



This Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Enchanted perfume was a random pick. I was given a gift card to a place I don’t really shop at and had to purchase something. I had smelled Taylor Swifts Wonderstruck and hated it. I had heard she came out a floral version of Wonderstruck and I took a gamble. I really like it for days that I am not wanting to use my coach poppy or my Marc Jacobs DOT perfume.



This Gucci perfume is pretty old and to be honest it was given to me by someone I care really deeply about. This is a very grown up scent and has only been used for super special occasions. I have just kept it because the bottle is beautiful and really special to me.



Let’s step back in time with this Christina Aguilera Inspired perfume. Again I was gifted this one and it’s not a bad perfume. I have used it more than the Gucci perfume. Overall it’s not something special and I only have it because I received for Christmas a few years ago.



This Shakira S floral perfume was a random purchase. I absolutely love Shakira and Target had this on sale a few years back. I grabbed it because I needed a perfume to take with me to Washington D.C. I did a 4 month internship there and didn’t want to take an expensive perfume and have it stolen or for it to get lost. This perfume holds really good memories and every now and then I spray it on and it takes me back to the times I rode the metro and the bus.



Unforgiveable Woman by Sean John was also another christmas or birthday gift. Honestly I have only used this a few times. It’s really not my cup of tea. I have kept this because I feel guilty getting rid of perfumes special people have given me. I know, I know that’s no reason to keep it. Eventually I will get rid of it, but not any time soon.

So that wraps up my perfume collection. Nothing to exciting, but I wanted to share. I am always curious as to what other people wear, perfume wise I mean. I also like looking at outfits too, but that is for another blog post.

What is your favorite perfume? Any you think I would enjoy?


What I’m Loving Week #6

Welcome back to another what I’m loving weekly post.
This week I have some awesome things that I have been loving.


First off lets can I just say that last week was crazy and I needed more sleep than what I actually got.


About a week ago I found my old Polaroid camera and it made me think back to when I was 10 and thought I was a professional photographer that captured amazing pictures. Sadly I couldn’t find any of my old Polaroid shots. Like I mentioned earlier in this post this week was not to kind to me. I enjoyed drinking my tea out of a cool mug. Yes! Spiderman mugs are all the rage at least in my eyes.


This week was far from what I needed and that meant I took less time looking cute and more time trying to manage what all I was doing. I still tried to accessorize with a cute statement flower ring. I also refused to leave the house without smelling like spring. I blame my obsession of a perfume, Coach Poppy.

The last thing you will see in this picture is an on going project I am working on and that is a recipe box. I want to compile recipes I have made into one convenience place. I picked these blank recipe card at Michael’s Arts and Crafts and knew this was something I could do in the next months.

Any one watch the Oscars, I loved  all of the dresses and the guys in tuxedos to die for.

Let’s hope this week is kinder to me
See you on Wednesday.

What I’m loving Week #3

Welcome back to what I am loving week #3. I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks straight that I have posted one of these. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to stick with this, but I think this might be my favorite type of post I do on here.

Enough of my chatting about my lack of commitment to posting on here. Let’s see what caught my fancy this week.


This week I was excited because I found some cool new things and some oldie but goodies.


Lets start off by mentioning this shirt. I love the color combination and the polka dots. Did i forget to mention it is the softest, comfiest thing ever created by mankind. I want to live in this forever.

Ahhh my spiky necklace a steal for $2 this has been around my neck for the last week.



This week I have started making list and what better way to carry all my newly designed plans than on a cute journal with a awesome quote on it. Every time I look at this quote it makes me very happy.

My fragrance for the past month and I can almost guarantee it will stay the same this month is Coach Poppy. Yes I do carry around a roller ball incase i didn’t spray enough in the morning ;).


The last three things are some of my favorite beauty products. This month I have been loving Benefits Coralista and I apply it with my E.L.F studio blush brush this is a small enough brush that it places the right amount of product on my cheeks.

Last but not least is my new favorite winter nail polish from Drew Barrymore’s makeup line Flower. This polish is called Go With The Flow-Er. I was blown away at how opaque this polish is with just one coat. *Must resist the urge to buy the whole line* If you see these just look at them she has made quite a few different shades that you might fancy. (Yes I have been watching too much TVD, Klaus anyone?)

I hope you have a great week.
See you Wednesday with another post.