Heart Felt Wool Dryer Balls Review


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I bring you a different kind of review. Today I am reviewing these Felt wool dryer balls made from pure New Zealand wool. I have been trying to make a effort at taking better care of my clothes. I was reading online and stumbled upon these reusable wool balls that can replace your dryer sheets which can only be used once. I was sold when I read that these dryer balls are reusable and would practically pay for themselves before I have to think about replacing them.


Now you may be asking well how do you get your clothes to smell as nice as the dryer sheets? All of the reviews I read said to apply two to three drops of my favorite essential oil and viola! you have amazing smelling clothes.


I’ve used them a few times now, and I can honestly say that these dryer balls do cut down on my clothes dry time. I also love that I can control what scent my clothes smell like without taking away the softness.

Have you ever tried felt wool dryer balls? Any other tips or tricks you use on your laundry? 

Have a great day!



London Haul: Primark pt.2

While in London I got a chance to visit Primark and let’s just say that I was overwhelmed by all of the things in that store. I spent about 2 hours and I felt like I hadn’t looked through everything. For those of you that aren’t aware Primark is like the equivalent of Forever 21 mixed with a hint of Target. I had no luck with clothes but I did manage to pick up a few other things.




I fell in love with Primark’s shoes. How could I leave both these pairs behind that would just have been a crime!





I ended up getting a few things that seemed like I might need back in the states. You maybe asking “why a did you buy a backpack?” Well the purse I had brought with me started to get really heavy as a side body bag and I needed to switch to something that wouldn’t cause my back to want to detach from my body.

Overall I liked Primark. I just wish I would have had a little more time and had made a list of potential things I would have liked to have picked up. Oh well I am extremely happy with what I did pick up.

Happy Monday everyone!