Easy Like Sunday Morning: Casual Outfit

  Happy Friday Everyone! Today I bring you a really rare post. It’s a outfit of the day post and these seem to be scares on my blog. I hope you enjoy this casual yet chic outfit I put together. Can we talk about how beautiful this trench coat is?! The best part I pickedContinue reading “Easy Like Sunday Morning: Casual Outfit”

I have found the one.

 Happy Monday Everyone! Sometimes you need to stop and celebrate that the hunt that you have been on is finally over. No… not for a guy, that still continues. I have found a floppy fall hat that fits my super tiny head! I feel like I have accomplished a major thing this fall season let seeContinue reading “I have found the one.”

Buildyourtomorrow. = Target + TOMS.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Let me tell you walking pneumonia is no joke. I have been in my house for way to long so I took an unscheduled trip to target in hoped that my lungs would feel better. In reality it was so I could pick up a few things I needed/wanted, but mostly didn’t reallyContinue reading “Buildyourtomorrow. = Target + TOMS.”

We’ll find a road with no name, lay back in the slow lane.

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I have a very rare outfit post. I wore this outfit on Sunday and I loved how it came together very effortlessly and I wanted to share it. Most of the pieces I am wearing come from my local thrift store and the necklace is from Walmart and it was onlyContinue reading “We’ll find a road with no name, lay back in the slow lane.”

Rose gold Love -Accessories

I have been extremely obsessed with Rose gold accessories this past month and I haven’t been gravitating towards anything else. This justified this post I can’t be the only one that has this obsession right?! Some may say that I am super late on this trend, but I honestly don’t tend to follow those thingsContinue reading “Rose gold Love -Accessories”