BH Cosmetics – 6 Piece White Brush Set with Cosmetic Bag


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you a first impressions on this BH travel/ mini brush set. This retails for $12 and it comes with 6 makeup brushes and a bag where you can store your brushes in. You can purchase them here.


This kit includes: 

Foundation brush

Dual-fiber powder brush

Blush/contour brush

Eyeshadow brush

Eye blender brush

Angled eyeliner brush


Overall this kit is perfect for traveling it has the basic brushes you would need to create a even day look. The brushes are the perfect size to complete each task and don’t take up too much space when traveling. The nice thing is that they give you a bag that can also accommodate other size brushes so you can carry all your essential tools with you.

I’m excited to take these brushes with me on the few trips I have schedule this year.

Have any of your tried out any of the BH Cosmetic Brushes sets? What are your thoughts?

Have a great weekend everyone!




March Favorites 2015


Happy Monday Everyone!

I can’t believe March is almost gone?! Where did this month go? I can’t believe April is a day away and that soon the warmer weather will be here to stay. This month has been crazy weather wise and also crazy interns of my life and all of the things i have been doing. I am so glad that this month turn it’s self around from all the snow we received and all of the crazy things I had to deal with. Here is to a much more smoother month of April with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures!


Enough chitter chatter let get on to some of my favorite discoveries and favorite product for this month.


The first thing I discovered was a new primer that seriously is great for oily skin. It’s not a miracle worker and will get rid of your oily skin, but it will make your make up last longer and will keep shine at bay for longer than any primer I have ever used. This Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer [Shine Free] is very light weight and is a amazing base for foundation.


The second thing I discovered is this new mascara it is the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom waterproof mascara in very black. The key here is the waterproof formula I have started using waterproof and I am never going back! Also this is a great mascara that hold a curl on my very hard to curl lashes and this makes me oh so happy. If you want to see a full review on this mascara check my post here.


The third discovery is the Rimmel Match Perfection skin tone adapting concealer. After my other concealer ran out I was on the hunt for another affordable concealer that would brighten and cover my under eyes. This one has been amazing at doing just that and it is very similar to my Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.


I have fallen back in love with the Milani Shadow Eyez 12 hr wear eyeshadow. This product is amazing as a base or if you just want to wear it alone. I have been keeping my makeup very simple and I love that this product allows me to control where I apply the shimmer and I can apply another powder shadow on top to mold it in to different looks.


Just like last month I have continued to use the same blush. This Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in true love has really taken the spotlight away from any blushes I own. It’s just so versatile and easy to wear. I might have to remind myself that there are other blushes in the sea.


Last but not least I have been loving my ecotools angled eyeliner brush. This brush has been helping me achieve a precise line with a black powder shadow. Like I said life has been crazy and I don’t have time to mess with liquid or gel eyeliner and this gives me the ability to apply eyeliner in a easy and quick way.

I hope you all enjoyed this months favorites and that you all had a great month of March.

Any monthly favorites you would recommend?

See you all on Wednesday!


realTechniques Concealer Brush + Giveaway/winner!


Happy Monday Everyone!

The winner of the realTechniques Contour Brush is…


Today I am reviewing a new makeup brush that I have been stalking every since I saw it on the RealTechniques instagram page. There are quite a few new brushes coming out and I managed to snag two new ones. The one I will share with you all today is the concealer brush. Last monday I reviewed the other one I picked up which can be read here.  I will be honest with you all and I am not a big fan of concealer brushes I prefer my fingers. I want to try and start using a brush for my concealer and see if that makes a different.


When I first looked at this brush I was amazed at how big the brush is and how stiff the bristles are. This brush is ideal for more creamier products such as the Erase Paste by Benefit. I was very surprised how easy it made applying that particular concealer leaving me with a very natural blend under my eyes you couldn’t tell I was wearing anything. I was not too happy with how it blends out more liquid type of concealers such as the Maybelline Instant age rewind and the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer.

I’m sure there will be many people that don’t like this brush for the intended purpose and others that will love it. I think it will be based on your preference if you find this brush useful or not. In my honest opinion I would pass on this brush and find something you love. E.L.F makes a flawless concealer brush that I absolutely love and it’s only $3.IMG_0449



 Like my last brush post I picked a extra concealer brush for one you lovely people. The same rules apply to this giveaway as the last one. You must be a follower of my blog and you must leave me one comment on this post.

If you are feeling generous and want to reblog this post feel free to do so.

Giveaway winner will be announced  next Monday February 2nd.

Thank you all for reading and Good Luck!

See you on Wednesday!


Favorite Brushes: Powder pt. one


I recently decided to clean out my makeup brushes which made me realize I have a few favorite brushes for all the different make up needs I have. I thought I would share with you all why I like that particular brush and how I use it. Most of these brushes are drugstore with a sprinkle of high end ones.



E.l.F Powder Brush retails for $3
This brush is not only very affordable but it is a great addition to any makeup collection. It is soft covers and fairly large surface of the face.
How to use this brush: When applying pressed or loose powder. It is ideal for all over the face, but not for small precise corners of the face.
Why I like this brush: This brush is perfect for touching up your face when you feel a bit oily. It allows you to apply the right amount of powder to all the right places.



realTechniques Powder Brush retails for $7.99
Up close this brush looks massive and you may be thinking this could cover my whole face in one swipe?! Yes! It probably could but when used in a more delicate manner it allows you to blend larger areas of the face.
How to use this brush:When blending out my blush for those times I may have applied a little bit too much. To just apply a light layer of powder. The soft bristles make this brush a dream to rub on you face while leaving you face looking natural.



realTechniques multi task brush retails for $7.99
This is the cousin of the one above and it may look like some more traditional brushes that you would think to use as a powder brush. This brush is exactly that! It is a medium size brush that allows you to apply your powder in sections while still keeping all the quality of the other large brush that may be safer you.
How to use this brush: It works great with all kinds of products such as loose/pressed powder, blush and a less concentrated placement of bronzer if you like a bit of color without the contouring.



Up & UP Powder Brush from Target retails for $6.99
This is a recent addition to my brush collection and I am in love with this. Not only is this soft but it allows me to apply powder in a more light fashion. This would be similar to the realTechniques Powder Brush but much smaller and more travel friendly.
How to use this brush:When I want to lightly set my foundation without adding more coverage. This is also great for blending out any harsh lines you may have. It also is amazing for applying bronzer on your neck and declate area.

I hope you all enjoy the first part of this series and come back for the other parts. I had so much fun sharing with you all my favorite powder brushes and I hope this is helping to some. Let me know what you think of these types of post? Yay! Or Nay!?
Let me know what your favorite powder brush brand is and why it rocks you socks?

Happy Monday everyone!

My Favorite E.L.F Makeup Tools – Day 30


When I first discovered/ started playing with makeup I didn’t have a lot of money. I relied on my part-time job and a small allowance that my parents gave me. One of the first brands I experimented with was E.L.F. It was cheap and gave me the possibility of trying new things without breaking my tiny, yet existent bank. So I thought I would share with you all my favorite E.L.F tools.

Let’s start off with brushes.
1. E.L.F Powder Brush:
This brush has so many good uses it’s crazy I only paid $3 for it. I use this with liquid foundation for a very flawless application. You can also use this for cream foundation. This brush can be used for pressed powder to create more coverage on your skin. It’s just a great brush to have in your collection.

2.E.L.F Complexion Brush:
This brush has one main purpose in my collection and that is to apply pressed and loose powder. The soft flexible bristles give me a nice natural finish. I also like to blend out my blush with this brush to give it a bit of a softer look.

3. E.L.F Contour Brush:
This eye brush is perfect for packing color onto your crease. This allows you to get a precise amount and place it directly where you want it. This is not the best at blending out the color but you could get away with using it for that purpose if you wish.

4. E.L.F Eye Shadow Brush:
This was one of my first eye shadow brushes. I can’t rave enough about this brush not only is it a $1 but it is one of the best eye shadow brushes I have ever used. This allows you to pack the product very nicely. This brush is incredibly soft and has been with me for 5 years now.

5. E.L.F Blending Eye Brush:
This was also another first for me. I never knew how important blending out your shadow could be. I picked this up and my whole world changed. I was creating more dimensional looks with the help of a $1 brush.


6. E.L.F Eye Lash Curler:
I have been using this exact same eye lash curler for a couple of years now. This is a really good eye lash curler and it’s only a $1. This gives me nice perky lashes time and time again.

7. E.L.F Eyelash Curler Replacement Pads:
I just recently discovered that they made replacement pads for their eye lash curlers. This meant that after the 3 replacement pads they give you wear out you don’t have to go out and buy a new eye lash curler set. You can bet I have stalked up with way to many of these.


8. E.L.F Shine Erasers Oil Blotting Sheets:
Being a oily gal I like to think that I can go a whole day without feeling like my makeup is coming off. Well that is not the case I need a little bit of help with avoiding that. I use these shine erasers pretty much every day. I haven’t found anything better especially when you throw these out! Why would you pay more than a $1?

9. E.L.F Tweezers
I am going to say this right off the bat these are only good for a few days after that they go dull and don’t get all your stray hairs. I use mine for other things such as nail art, removing splinters, etc. If I were to ruin these I wouldn’t cry because they are only a $1. Now if I ruined my tweezer man tweezers I would be upset.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and helped you in any way possible. If you are just starting with makeup E.L.F will allow you to try new products without feeling guilty about the price.

Let me know if you would like me to pick my favorite Makeup items from them and do a post?

See you tomorrow