Pinterest Recipe: Nutela Mini Pancakes Kabobs

Happy Wednesday Everyone!¬† Today I am bringing back a series I love so much the Pinterest recipes. This series is where I take awesome Pinterest recipes that I stumble upon and recreate them. I recap them for you and tell you how it all went. So here is the original recipe incase you want toContinue reading “Pinterest Recipe: Nutela Mini Pancakes Kabobs”

My Go To Breakfast As Of Lately.

Happy Monday¬†Everyone! I am going to be honest I have never been a morning person and I would rather sleep as late as I can at any given time. Often time this meant skipping breakfast and just having a Brunch type of meal later on in my day. As I have gotten older and haveContinue reading “My Go To Breakfast As Of Lately.”

Food Fridays: Whole Wheat Crepes w/ Banana & Strawberries

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I bring you a yummy healthy breakfast recipe. I absolutely love these whole wheat crepes they are delicious and filling for any long day you may have. This recipe comes from the book: lose weight the smart low-carb way by Bettina Newman, r.d.,and David Joachim. I’m not sure if you canContinue reading “Food Fridays: Whole Wheat Crepes w/ Banana & Strawberries”