What I’m Loving Week #13

Happy Monday Everyone! I have a good feeling about this week. I feel like it will be a good one. No particular reason I just feel like we all deserve an “easy” week. Here are some of my favorite things this week. First off I am trying out these three new products. I needed aContinue reading “What I’m Loving Week #13”

What I’m loving Week #12

Welcome back lovely people! This past week was a bit of a blur but in a good way. I was super excited for a day trip I was going on Saturday that I felt things just flew by. So here is what I have been loving this past week. Three very odd things picture togetherContinue reading “What I’m loving Week #12”

Urban Decay Nail Polishes

As many of you have already figured out by my other post on this blog I am a nail polish junkie. Yes! I own way more nail polish than what a normal female should ever have in her possession. Today I bring you a review on my latest addition to my nail polish family. UrbanContinue reading “Urban Decay Nail Polishes”

What I’m loving Week #3

Welcome back to what I am loving week #3. I can’t believe it’s been 3 weeks straight that I have posted one of these. Honestly I didn’t think I was going to stick with this, but I think this might be my favorite type of post I do on here. Enough of my chatting aboutContinue reading “What I’m loving Week #3”

My New Favorite Lipsticks

Every once in a while I will be suckered into trying a new product a company comes out with. This year I seem to have forgotten my promise to stop buying make up! Once again my will was weak, and I purchased not one but five of my new favorite lipsticks. They are such beautifulContinue reading “My New Favorite Lipsticks”

What I am loving Week #2

Welcome back to what I am loving week #2. I have been having fun picking out things that I am absolutely loving each week. I enjoy sharing a few things that make each week feel special. This week I have a few new things that I am dying to tell you about. I finally gotContinue reading “What I am loving Week #2”

What I am loving Week #1

I have decided that each Monday will be a recap of the things I have been loving the past week. I hope that with these post you can get to know what I am like and what some of my favorite products are. This week I have a variety of different things hope you enjoy!Continue reading “What I am loving Week #1”

How I clean my makeup brushes

Probably most of you already know that you need to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week. I know I know I am guilty of not cleaning them as often as I should. I wanted to write this post to remind me that I should be doing this more often and so shouldContinue reading “How I clean my makeup brushes”

December Birchbox 2012

I am a huge beauty junkie which should be no surprise to anyone. I wanted to share what I got for this month’s Birchbox. I love getting this cute little pink box every month, knowing that I will be getting new sample size products to try out. You can find a list at the bottomContinue reading “December Birchbox 2012”

My Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

(Too Too Hot, Turning Heads Red, Bahama Mama, Fishnet Stockings, Berry Hard) Today I wanted to share with you all my favorite fall/winter nail polishes.  I have picked my top 5 and they all happen to be from the brand Essie. I absolutely love the way these nail polishes are formulated and go on so smoothly. TheyContinue reading “My Fall/Winter Nail Polishes”