A Sweet Treat: Mini Autumn Cheesecakes

Happy Friday Everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while you will remember I posted a recipe on an Autumn Cheesecake I made. If you fancy you can read it here.┬áToday I wanted to tackle making a┬ámini version for a special valentine’s day treat. I hope this gets you excited for Valentine’sContinue reading “A Sweet Treat: Mini Autumn Cheesecakes”


Pumpkin Bread – Day 26

Oh joy it is Saturday! A day we all look forward to all week so why not treat yourself to something yummy. Today I will sharing this pumpkin bread recipe that I found here. It is perfect for this chilly weather we have been hit with. So grab your coziest sweater and serve yourself aContinue reading “Pumpkin Bread – Day 26”

Apple Strudel Muffins – Day 19

Hello everyone! I am really you decided to stop by and see what I cooked up this Saturday. I wanted something easy and great for breakfast time. I came across this recipe from all and decided to try it out. Here is where you can find it I woke up this morning andContinue reading “Apple Strudel Muffins – Day 19”

Autumn Cheesecake – Day 5

Welcome back! In the month of October I will posting a delicious recipe every Saturday. Today’s recipe is this amazing cheesecake recipe I found HERE It has these beautiful apples on top which adds this wonderful autumn touch. This is by far one of my favorite cheesecake recipes. It is so rich in textureContinue reading “Autumn Cheesecake – Day 5”