Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing a review on yet another highlighter. I seriously have a highlighting obsession which I need to keep under control. Today I bring you a new drugstore highlighter find. I wanted to let you know if this particular highlighter is worth it or not.

This highlighter is one for those who want a natural glow. I knew when I picked it up that it may not be a highlight that I was going to reach for special events. I picked it up specifically for every day wear.





As you can see this highlight is a natural and is subtle. If you aren’t a fan of a disco ball highlight then this might be the highlight for you. I like to layer this with my e.l.f cream highlight it really brings it home without it looking like I caked on a bunch of products.

Have you tried this Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar? What is your go to drugstore highlight? 

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday.



PalladioxCaseyHolmes Liquid Lipsticks


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a new liquid lipstick collaboration. It is the Palladio x Casey Holmes liquid lipsticks. Casey Holmes teamed up with Palladio beauty and she came out with three new liquid lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks retail for $10 each and available at Sally Beauty Supply and online here and here.

As you all know I am a huge liquid lipstick fan and when I saw the collaboration was announced I knew I had to get my hands on all three shades.


The Packaging is clear plastic and it allows you to see the true color of the product. She picked three very wearable shades that work on a variety of different skin tones.

What they claim these liquid lipsticks do: 

-a transfer-proof finish and unbelieveably long wear

-lightweight and rich matte colors that glide on effortlessly


Georgia – peachy-nude.


Ob-sessed- a rich berry.


Rescue- A warm taupe.


These liquid lipsticks aren’t the most long wearing I have tried. They do stay on longer than most others. If you don’t eat a salad or something messy you may get away with not having to touch up. When I’ve worn all three colors I’ve had to touch up the corners of my mouth, but nothing else.

I would recommend these if you are in the marker for new liquid lipsticks.

Have you tried these out yet? Are you a fan of Palladio Beauty? 

Have a great day! See you all on Friday.


Spring Wreath DIY


Happy Monday Everyone! 

Today I am sharing with you one of my first spring DIYs. I started this DIY last year and never actually finished it. Call me level 10 procrastinator, but sometimes things happen and you have to put projects away until next year and that is exactly what happened. All of the supplies I use are actually very affordable. The flowers come from the dollar store and the wire base comes from Walmart for a few bucks. I used floral wire and my glue gun to secure it in place.









Do you have any spring DIYs you are wanting to complete? Any suggestions for my second spring DIY?

Have a great day! See you on Wednesday.


Profusion 6 Color Blush Palette


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today am so excited to share with you all this super affordable blush palette that I picked up at Target. It has 6 versatile colors for every day use and the best part that it’s only $4.99! Honestly, I have found that I sometimes you don’t get the best quality for $5, but this palette was a real gem of a find in my opinion. Now let me be clear you aren’t going to get blushes that are so pigmented that you are intimidated to even look at the palette for fear of applying to much.




These blushes are build-able and are perfect for beginners, intermediates if you are a pro you probably have other blushes that you would much rather use. I love that Target has started to carry more affordable brands that actually work and aren’t crappy products.

Have you used this brand before? What is your go to affordable blush palette? 

Have a great Weekend! I will see you on Monday.


Good Chemistry Water Lily Perfume


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Today I am sharing with you a new find from Target. I was in desperate need of a new spring time fragrance and I stumbled upon this new line of perfumes from the Good Chemistry. I love that it isn’t full of nasty harsh chemicals that can harm your body.

About this Perfume: Good Chemistry is know-how meets nature; a just-right composition of instinct and identity that lets your true beauty bloom from the inside.

Fragrance notes: Blackberry, water lily and lotus make our Water Lily perfume compassionate + kind with smile for miles.

Health Facts: paraben-free, vegan, dye-free, phthalate-free, aluminum-free


This retails for $24.99 and you can check it out here. I am truly in love with this fragrance and I am looking forward to checking out their other fragrances that they have.

Have you tried any of the Good Chemistry Fragrances? If so, what are your thoughts? 

Have a great Wednesday and I will see you on Friday!


Wet n Wild -Micellar Cleansing Water


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing a review on this Micellar cleansing water. I have been using this product for the past couple of weeks after I ran out of my normal Micellar cleansing water. I really wanted to love this product because it affordable and you can pick it up at any local drugstore.


The main reason why I don’t like this product is that it’s 50% oil and 50% cleansing water. The direction states that you need to shake well before use. Other than the oily residue that is left on my skin this micellar water really takes off all your makeup.





Overall I think you can find something that’s a bit more affordable and that has more product that does not leave you with that oily residue that no one wants after they cleanse their face.

Have you tried this Wet n Wild -Micellar Cleansing Water? What are your thoughts?

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday


Faking Great Nails for less than $9


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you how I achieve salon worthy nails without having to step foot in a nail salon or pay the crazy amount of money for a gel manicure. It was December 30th and I was looking down at my chipped nails and thought I should have gotten my nails done, what with the new year fast approaching and all. I had the brilliant idea to try fake nails. I figured they would last for a few days and that’s all I really needed them for.



When these pictures were taken I had  had these nails on for 11 days. YES you read that right! Eleven days without having to re-glue a nail. I am absolutely amazed at how long these nails have lasted and I wanted to share them with you. These are amazing for any special event, but don’t want to spend the money at a nail salon. The one thing I did differently from the instruction on how to apply them is that I didn’t use the adhesive tabs just the glue on my natural nail.





I have ordered a couple of other style of these fake nails and hope that they work as well as these have. You can find these at pretty much any drugstore if you are interested.

Have you tried this brand of fake nails? What are your thoughts of wearing fake nails?

Have a great day!