Affordable Jewelry Haul

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today I am sharing with a few pieces of jewelry that I recently purchased. As you all know I try and stick to a budget when it comes to the new jewelry I add to my collection. I already own plenty of expensive statement pieces and I don’t need to add anyContinue reading “Affordable Jewelry Haul”

On a Budget: Earrings

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I am sharing with you all three earrings that I am in love with and you will never believe how much they cost and where I picked them up. As you can see from the picture above I picked these up at Walmart and paid less than $3 for them. IContinue reading “On a Budget: Earrings”

Current Obsession: Long Necklaces

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Today I am sharing with you two new jewelry finds I have been obsessing over this month. I am normally the type that likes big statement pieces and I tend to skip the dainty pieces of jewelry that are subtle. I was in forever 21 the other day and I found these twoContinue reading “Current Obsession: Long Necklaces”

Affordable Earrings.

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a super awesome jewelry find I stumbled upon the other day while grocery shopping. The beauties you see pictured here are actually from wal-mart and they were only $2.88 each. I don’t know about you, but that’s a bargain in my book and they lookContinue reading “Affordable Earrings.”