My Labor Day Adventure w/ someone I meet on Craigslist

Happy Wednesday  Everyone!  First off let me apologize for not posting last Thursday and this past Tuesday, but I had more pressing things I had to do and I decided to save that post for this up coming Thursday (here’s a hint it’s a haul). Well that’s not why we are here today. Today IContinue reading “My Labor Day Adventure w/ someone I meet on Craigslist”

Chit Chat: I moved & Starting Grad School

Happy Tuesday Everyone! It feel like it’s been forever since I have written a blog post. Many of you know that I have been busy moving cities to start graduate school this fall. Most of the time I try and plan most of my activities out so I can be semi-prepared for what could/can goContinue reading “Chit Chat: I moved & Starting Grad School”

A Mini Update & Dealing with Change

  Happy Wednesday Everyone! Sorry I have been M.I.A this week let’s just say I have been focusing all my energy on grad school things and getting ready for my mini vacation this Friday. I want to focus this post specifically on talking about change and how I personally deal with it. I enjoy theContinue reading “A Mini Update & Dealing with Change”

Snow Storm Thor & some of my favorite bits and bobs.

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you are having a great Friday and that you are keeping warm if you were hit by the snow storm Thor. I was going to post my regular scheduled post but I felt it didn’t really fit my life currently so I wanted to sit here this morning and tellContinue reading “Snow Storm Thor & some of my favorite bits and bobs.”

My New Years Resolution for 2015

Happy Wednesday Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying the start of 2015 and that these last few days treated you nicely. For today’s post I am going to be sharing a few resolutions I want to try and achieve this year. Before I get started I had no intention of actually making this list. I likeContinue reading “My New Years Resolution for 2015”

“I don’t know why you don’t take me downtown anymore.”

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I got to have a relaxing saturday filled with Halloween costume planning and running some errands. On Sunday I was lucky enough to be able to celebrate one of my best friends 25th birthday. We drove to another city to enjoy a late breakfast/lunch andContinue reading ““I don’t know why you don’t take me downtown anymore.””

A few days at the beach…

I’ve been gone from my blog for a short while, which seems like forever in my eyes. I decided I needed to focus on my first priority, which is my job. I’ve had the most interesting three weeks, but I wouldn’t change them for a second. I learned that no matter how hard something getsContinue reading “A few days at the beach…”

Rome, Italy – St. Peter’s Basilica

Welcome! This will be my first travel post followed by many more I assure you. I am really excited that I get to share my travel experience with everyone. First I need to set the stage for how this trip came to be. My friend (Krista picture below) and I had planned this trip sinceContinue reading “Rome, Italy – St. Peter’s Basilica”

Planning out My Vacation- France, Italy & the UK.

I am so excited to be writing that in 43 days I will be on a plane headed to France. It has been 15 years since I’ve taken a proper vacation with no stress, school work, or schedules to follow . I am beyond excited that I am able to make my dream become aContinue reading “Planning out My Vacation- France, Italy & the UK.”