What I am loving Week #1

I have decided that each Monday will be a recap of the things I have been loving the past week. I hope that with these post you can get to know what I am like and what some of my favorite products are.


This week I have a variety of different things hope you enjoy!

First off my bubble necklace off of etsy. I absolutely love it. It can be purchased here:

I found these cute card at the dollar bin in Target and I used them last week to write my friend in Colorado a letter. I just loved the cute telephone it had on the front.

Ahhh my favorite beauty products. Well this week I was obsessed with this beautiful nail polish by ESSIE which I have mentioned before it’s in Bahama Mama. This past week I had to say good-bye to my Vera Wang Princess perfume I used it all up and I’m sad.

So this week I have discovered that every drugstore company and their mother has released a new lip product and I just happened to pick a few. I will be doing a review on the others but for now I have really been enjoying Maybelline’s The Whispers they are like a dupe for the Revlon Lip Butters (which I absolutely love). I give this product a 6.5/10 they aren’t bad but I could have spent my money on something else. I wouldn’t consider these a staple product, they are just fun.

Last but not least my snack of what might seem like a month is going to be The Luna bar in Chocolate Raspberry. I fill your chocolate craving and makes you feel like you are a bit healthier with only 110 calories

Any things you think I should try?
Do you stick with a few products you love or are you all over the map when it comes to these kinds of things?

Have a great Week!


How I clean my makeup brushes

Probably most of you already know that you need to clean your makeup brushes at least once a week.
I know I know I am guilty of not cleaning them as often as I should. I wanted to write this post to remind me that I should be doing this more often and so should you (if you already do disregard this message).

1. Step one pull out all of your dirty brushes.

2. Step two use your favorite brush cleaner: I am using a antibacterial dish soap.
It works just as well as anything else I have tried and it disinfect đŸ™‚


3. Step three separate your brushes into two piles and tackle bigger brushes first.
The bigger brushes seem to take me forever.

4. Step four damp all of your brushes before adding your cleanser.

5. Step five add your cleanser to your brushes. I like to dip all of my brushes into my small bowl.

6. Step six Massage your cleanser into the bristles of the brush until you get a nice lather

7. Step seven rinse off all of the cleanser and wring out the water as gently as possible to not pull the brush bristles.

8. Step eight places your brushes in a drying rack or on a towel.


9. Step nine tackle the your small eye/ face brushes the same way you did your big ones.
Allow 6-8 hrs for the small brushes to be dry.
The bigger ones can take up to 24-32 hrs to dry.

10. Step ten enjoy clean brushes the rest of the week.

Merry Christmas

Every Christmas season I love to take my camera out and find one or two unique things in my surrounding world that really inspires my artistic side. This year I found some cute ornaments in my friends house and I had to show you all.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday!





New Hair

Every once in a while I decide I am ready for a change. Most likely I will decide to go and get a hair cut. Hey I am not talking about a major change now ;). This time I decided I would go back to my roots, ugh I mean bangs. This may not be for everyone but I like them and they will do for now!



And here are some sillier ones. I couldn’t resist posting these đŸ™‚



What do you do when you need a change? Have you ever had bangs? Did you love them or hate them?


December Birchbox 2012


I am a huge beauty junkie which should be no surprise to anyone. I wanted to share what I got for this month’s Birchbox. I love getting this cute little pink box every month, knowing that I will be getting new sample size products to try out. You can find a list at the bottom of the post on what I received.


As you can see you receive a variety of things that would brighten anyones day. This is a monthly subscription service and it’s only $10.
You have the option of canceling at any time.


I am most excited to try out this Benefit Eye Cream called It’s Potent! It claims it can help diminish darkness under your eyes and reduce wrinkles. I will let you know how it works out.


About every other month you will receive a nice treat such as this chocolate and a perfume sample as well. This is one of my favorite pieces of the box. Last month I received a Luna bar and I loved it.

The products that came in this box:
-ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss
-Benefit it’s potent! eye cream
-Chuao Chocolatier Assorted ChocoPod in Salted Chocolate Crunch
-KĂ©rastase Resistance Ciment Thermique – Protect
-Aerie Shimmer 1.7oz Fragrance

Overall I love this monthly subscription. Each month has a different theme and you can get some products you love, enjoy and need. Other times you can get things you may not use, or enjoy but that is the mystery of this pink box.

Have you ever tried any monthly subscription service before?
Would you recommend it? What is your favorite?

OOTD: Thrifted Sweater

Every so often I find a sweater that is a statement piece and I carry it around with me at the thrift store and can’t put it down. I usually purchase it and end up not wearing it as much as I would like to. Today’s post is about a vintage, statement, baggy, yet chic sweater. I found this for $4 at a Maryland Thrift store.


Here is how I styled this sweater. I added a camel colored button up shirt under the sweater for a more polished look. My favorite chunky statement necklace for a bit of girliness.


I added my favorite red skinny jeans and my dark brown boots for the finishing touches. You can dress this sweater down and play up the pattern of it. It is such a versatile piece that is one of a kind.


Sometimes all you need is to think outside the box and embrace the new purchase you have made đŸ™‚




My Fall/Winter Nail Polishes

(Too Too Hot, Turning Heads Red, Bahama Mama, Fishnet Stockings, Berry Hard)

Today I wanted to share with you all my favorite fall/winter nail polishes.  I have picked my top 5 and they all happen to be from the brand Essie. I absolutely love the way these nail polishes are formulated and go on so smoothly. They last about a week on my nails and have a fairly decent shine without a topcoat on.

Currently I am wearing Bahama Mama on my nails. It is the perfect mix between a dark vampy berry but with a mix of purple that will have you wondering where this color has been all your life?

What are your must have fall/winter colors?

As you can see I stick with mostly dark berry colors and occasionally the traditional red.

My Running Story

If you haven’t figured out by the title of this post I will talking about how I started to run. It begins in high school junior year to be exact (07′) I joined the track and field team. This happened after trying out for cheerleading and softball, none of these two other sports wanted my amazing skills. I am still not sure why I decided to do this I had never really been fond of running, but I wanted to be part of a team go to meets and dress up on the days when we competed. I quickly learned running was going to be hard and something that was going to keep me on my feet. I completed the season running short distances (100x, 200x, 300x and 400 meters). I found out the last day of practice I was more of a long distance runner my coach never really stopped and looked at my form until that day. I was relieved to find out I was meant to run longer and that is why I never really excelled in running.

Fast forward to today (12′) I began running again in the end of February. Since my last practice back in (07′) I gave up on running not because I didn’t enjoy it but because other issues came up. I just didn’t have the mental energy to continue to run. I put it in the back burner and hoped that I would some day eventually pick it up.

I can honestly say that beginning this running journey has been challenging, difficult and beautiful at the same time. I began to run as a way of releasing stress while I was finishing up my last semester of college. I was in Washington D.C and living in a communal house and had way to much on my plate that I could handle. So naturally I choose that it would be okay to run again. I had the great support of a good friend of mine while I was in D.C. She is an amazing runner and an inspiration to me. I saw her run the Saint Patrick’s Day 8k and after that I was hooked and made a promise to myself that one day I would be back and run that race.

Currently I am injured something which I will go into more detail about in a future post but I have not given up on running. What I can say is that it this injury is only making me want to go out there and run more than ever. I have been bitten by the running bug and I absolutely love it .

Thank you for reading,