My Bucket List


I’ve always like the idea of having a on going bucket list of things I want to accomplish over my life time. This will be raw, honest and will get crossed off once I’ve completed them. This will be in no particular order. Hope this inspires you to go out and do something new.

1. Graduate from college (B.A) Completed 5/2012
2. Get Married
3. Go Skydiving Completed 8/2013
4. Travel to FranceCompleted 6/2014
5. Travel to the U.K Completed 7/2014
6. Learn to make Macarons
7. Graduate from Grad school Completed 5/2017
8. Go Parasailing Completed 8/2016
9. Ride in a Hot air balloon
10. Pick strawberries Completed 4/2013
11. Run a 5k
12. Watch a sunset Completed on 4/2014
13. Watch a sunrise
14. Learn to speak another language (maybe French?)
15. Pick apples in the fall
16. Travel to Spain Completed 5/2010
17. Travel to Morocco Completed 5/2010
18. See my grandfather again, He lives in El Salvador
19. Move to a bigger city and live there for at least 3 years
20. Visit New York Completed 7/2007
21.Travel to Italy Completed 6/2014
22.Go Zip-lining
23.Go to a Aquarium
24.Go on a Cruise
25.Travel to Las Vegas
26.Travel to Pittsburgh Completed 3/2014
26.Learn how to swim
27.Buy a house
28.Have or Adopt a child
29.Take another photography class
30.Go Camping
31.Visit San Francisco, CA
32.Live in New York for a month
33.Visit Canada
34.Complete the Rugged Maniac in 2015
35.Explore Richmond Virginia
36.Run my Hometown 4th of July 5k
37.Start Weigh Lifting and get a toned body Partially Completed 2/6/15
38.Go to Costa Rica
39.Go to Nepal and India Completed 6/2017
40.Go to a Wizards Game with my Dad & Brother Completed 3/2016
41.Photograph a wedding
42.Become a licensed Social Worker
43.Become a Zumba Instructor
44.Go to New Zeland
45.Participate in a Missionary Trip

More will be added through out the year!

3 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Hello Michelle, I happened to come across your blog through another blogger. I love your bucket list. I have also made a lifetime goal list. One day I was watching an interview on Ted Leonsis and he stated that he made a list and so I looked him up and he posted his list online and ever since he has been my cyber mentor. I copied his list and changed it to suit my life. You are such an adventurous young lady. Looking over your list there were a few things we share interest, go to an Aquarium, learn to swim, go to California, visit Canada, zip-line(afraid of heights so this is a fear that I want to challenge). I enjoy your enthusiasm. I would love to join you with some of these adventures but you probably don’t want to hand out with a senior (ha ha) but I am very spunky for my age. No one believes how old I am. Oh yeah, meeting new acquaintances is on my list, too.

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