Essences product Review

Happy Monday Everyone!

Recently I went to my local CVS and I saw they had a deal on Essence products and I decided to pick a few of them up. I wanted products that I could wear and I didn’t already own.

I ended up settling for these four products. Two mascaras, a colorful eyeliner and a lipgloss. I had high hopes that everything would work since I’ve heard good things about their mascara’s.

Both of these mascaras were a dream to apply and build up. I paired them together for a nice full lash effect and I was not disappointed.

These two products were the ones I was most excited for. I would suggest to look for other colored eyeliner if you don’t like to go over the cat eye line you created. It took multiple swipes to get a pretty even coverage.

The lipgloss was a absolute NO! I hate the smell and that was the end of that. I thought it smelled like Robitussin the cough medicine your mom made you drink when you were sick. I ended up wearing it for the pictures and if you can get past the smell it’s a beautiful shade.

Let me know your thoughts on the brand Essence. Are you a fan? What are your favorite products?

Have a wonderful day!


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