At Home Manicure ft. L.A Color Nails

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a cheap and super easy to get a at home manicure for less than $2. I absolutely love doing this when I’m on a major budget and trying to save every penny I can.

I picked up these L.A Color fashion nails at my local dollar general for $1.50. I wanted to see if they were durable and fit my small nail beds. I have a hard time finding the right nail sizes when I buy more expensive nail brands.

I apply them using this Gorilla glue which cost about $5-6 depending on where you buy it. I have used this for months on many other nails and I still have half a bottle. Very well worth the investment in my opinion. This nail doesn’t ruin my own nails and is super easy to take off.

I absolutely am in love with the finished products and they will last me anywhere between 7-14 days. It all depends on how hard I use my hands (ex: washing dishes, gardening, typing on my computer).

Let me know if you are going to try this nail hack?

Have a great weekend!


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