Profusion 6 Color Blush Palette


Happy Friday Everyone!

Today am so excited to share with you all this super affordable blush palette that I picked up at Target. It has 6 versatile colors for every day use and the best part that it’s only $4.99! Honestly, I have found that I sometimes you don’t get the best quality for $5, but this palette was a real gem of a find in my opinion. Now let me be clear you aren’t going to get blushes that are so pigmented that you are intimidated to even look at the palette for fear of applying to much.




These blushes are build-able and are perfect for beginners, intermediates if you are a pro you probably have other blushes that you would much rather use. I love that Target has started to carry more affordable brands that actually work and aren’t crappy products.

Have you used this brand before? What is your go to affordable blush palette? 

Have a great Weekend! I will see you on Monday.


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