Good Chemistry Water Lily Perfume


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Today I am sharing with you a new find from Target. I was in desperate need of a new spring time fragrance and I stumbled upon this new line of perfumes from the Good Chemistry. I love that it isn’t full of nasty harsh chemicals that can harm your body.

About this Perfume: Good Chemistry is know-how meets nature; a just-right composition of instinct and identity that lets your true beauty bloom from the inside.

Fragrance notes: Blackberry, water lily and lotus make our Water Lily perfume compassionate + kind with smile for miles.

Health Facts: paraben-free, vegan, dye-free, phthalate-free, aluminum-free


This retails for $24.99 and you can check it out here. I am truly in love with this fragrance and I am looking forward to checking out their other fragrances that they have.

Have you tried any of the Good Chemistry Fragrances? If so, what are your thoughts? 

Have a great Wednesday and I will see you on Friday!



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