Victoria Secret Pink – Shell Yeah Bath Bomb


Happy Monday Everyone!

Today I am sharing with you all a new bath bomb I recently picked up at Victoria’s Secret. It looks like they recently added a new section to their beauty section and one of those additions was bath bombs. You can shop the collection here. I ended up picking two different scents the pink pineapple and the soothing lavender because both of them smelled the best in my opinion.




I was intrigued by how well these were going to compare to a LUSH bath bomb since the original retail price is $6.95, but they are on sale for $3.95 right now. Here are a few things that I discovered about this product as I took a bath the other day.

There were no bubbles.

The smell of the bath bomb still stuck around during the bath

The way this bath bomb makes your skin feel is amazing

You get out of the bath with extra moisturized skin

Overall if you are looking for a bath bomb that gives you bubbles this is not the product for you. If you are in need of extra moisture for your skin then you have found the winning product. I feel that next time I use this product I need to pair it with another bath bomb that makes a ton of bubbles so I can have the best of both worlds.

*I added lavender flowers to add a more relaxing feel to the bath after I found out I wasn’t going to be provided with bubbles*

Have any of you tried these new bath bombs from PINK?

Have a great day.


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