Getting Organized – 2018


Happy Monday Everyone!

I have to admit that these last couple of years I have not been as organized as I could have been. I always start out with the intentions of sticking to a fancy planner I buy and about three months into the year I forget to keep up with it. I was a little bit better while I was in Grad school because I had so many deadlines that I had to get done. This year I decided to buy two inexpensive planners from Target. One for my main things in life such as work, doctors appointments, travel and other things. The second one solely for my blog. I am hoping this year I make a habit of being more organized with everything I am trying to tackle.




I am always curious how other people utilize planner and notebooks since I know that that has picked up steam in the last few years.

If you have any tips or tricks as to how I can get the most use out of both my planners, please do share your ideas with me?

Have a great day and I will see you on Wednesday!



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