30 Things Before I Turn 30.


Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

As you all know I love making bucket lists. If you haven’t checked out my on going bucket list on my blog click here. With that being said I wanted to focus on the next 3 years of my life and a couple of things I want to achieve before I turn 30. I saw this tag go around on youtube and I wanted to do a blog version of it. So with that being said here are 30 things I think I can accomplish before the age of 30.


One: Go on a hot air balloon ride.

Two: Visit Canada.

Three: Visit Costa Rica.

Four: Travel to a country over seas (yet to be determined).

Five: Take at least two cooking classes.

Six: Take at least two trips within the US a year.

Seven: Have my name on a title of a car/Buy my very own car.

Eight: Take a painting course.

Nine: Change Jobs within my agency.

Ten: Travel with my Mom and Dad.

Eleven: Go to El Salvador and visit my grandfather.

Twelve: Become a godmother (if you are catholic you will understand this).

Thirteen: Volunteer for a non-profit.

Fourteen: Buy a House.

Fifteen: Make my own candle.

Sixteen: Go to yoga regularly.

Seventeen: Own a dog.

Eighteen: Go to Disney World.

Nineteen: Continue to collect more vintage cameras.

Twenty: Get my Zumba Instructor certification.

Twenty One: Go Zip Lining.

Twenty Two: Go apple picking.

Twenty Three:  Carve a pumpkin all by myself (J/K I would need help).

Twenty Four: Change a tire (One day I will be Strong lol).

Twenty Five: Get another Tattoo.

Twenty Six: Go camping

Twenty Seven: Continue to Blog about makeup and random things in my life.

Twenty Eight: Grow my hair out again.

Twenty Nine: Take a fondant class for cake decorating.

Thirty: Be Happy on my 30th birthday.

I challenge you to come up with 30 things you want to do before you turn 30. They can be anything, as long as they are special to you.

Let me know what some of those things are? and how long you have to complete them?

Have a great day and I will see you on Friday!


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