A Day at the Farm 2017


Happy Monday Everyone!

As we are coming to a close on the beautiful month of October my roommate and I decided to venture out on a Fall adventure. The only possible place we could go to was a Farm about 45 minutes away from where we live. This farm has so many cool activities you could do and you best believe we took full advantage of that. Also can we talk about how cute sleeping baby goats are?!

IMG_9887 IMG_9878 IMG_9891 IMG_9894 IMG_9912 IMG_9923 IMG_9930 IMG_9987 IMG_9931 IMG_9910 IMG_9944 IMG_9946 IMG_9991 IMG_9999 IMG_9998

What Fall activities have you partaken in? Any you would suggest I try?

Have a great day!

See you all on Wednesday.




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  1. The baby goats are so precious, for fall, I got a couple of decorations from Michaels, candles from Marshalls and picked up some mini pumpkins at trader joes :). I also learned a super easy recipe for apple cider. The farm looks like so much fun.

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